Friday, June 30, 2006

Because I can

I will tell you that next week I, yes I, the all-powerful and very foolish indeed Tiff will be hosting the Carnival of the Mundane!
Let the celebrations BEGIN!!!!
Oh yes, friends, an opportunity for me to weave the disparate entries of a few dozen bloggers together into a seamles and entertaining post that has something to do with....with,,,,,with
Oh shit.
What have I done?
I am a dead woman.
Unless! Oh- ho!!
Unless, you, the vastly intelligent and refreshingly insightful readers of this little blog would like, maybe, you know, to SUGGEST some ideas for a post theme. Something, well, carnival-ey, or mundane? Or something?
I shall pick my favorite suggestion from your collective stewpot of delicious ideas, and credit you, yes YOU, with the germ of the notion that gave rise to the spectacular infestation of bright pix and shiny links that will BE THE CARNIVAL OF THE MUNDANE, PART 14.
Pretty please?
AND, you are invited to send me a link to a favorite post of yourn, and I'll wedge it into the tightly-knit creation I intend to craft from ONE OF YOUR IDEAS!
Really, what's not to like?
Itsa chance at fame, I tellya!!! Go for it!!


Chelle said...

You sooo rock.

Chelle said...

Themes... I am out of creativity today.

WordsRock said...

Fame is overrated. Or so say unfamous nobodies such as myself. :)

How about a theme of rice? Rice is one of the most delicious things known to mankind. I'm certain you'll agree. tee hee.

hovatter62 said...

This could be like word "disassociation" (remember college?) You know, comments like, "We had spaghetti at my house three times last week," could go perfectly with, "She bought a new pink shirt at the mall"! The answer to the above inquiry is, of course, "I had a dog named Snoopy when I was a kid."

rennratt said...

I'm not sure what the theme would be - but if you can include a link to YOU, please form it around when you had to take ballet. Sometimes, when I am having a tough day, I troll through your archives just to read it one more time.

rennratt said...

Your post is on March 14th. Daggone, is that funny!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Good for you! Looking forward to it!

Deb R said...

Fried Food
House of Mirrors
Fortune Teller Booth
Freak Show

Junk Mail
It Pays the Bills
Game Show
What's for Supper?

Hyperion said...

I have the best idea ever for you. In fact, it is so good that if I left the idea here, someone would steal it, start their own Carnival, and get rich.

Thus, I have no choice to but to communicate with you another way.

Do you know smoke signals?

Beth said...

Hmm, this is hard. A mundane carnival.

The Commonplace Carnival
The Characterless Carnival
Banal Bizarre

Wow, this is hard.

Humdrom Hoedown

I really don't know of any that sound good.

Caryn said...

No suggestions, but I wish you luck with it.

Kingfisher said...

How about a lighthearted look at the crushing of childhood expectations, a la this post of mine:

BTW, this is a great idea, and one I've been toying with for a while. Hope it works! (If it does, I'm gonna steal it.)

Neil said...

Never let them see you sweat.

Tracy Lynn said...

I am now completely fascinated by the phrase whack-a-mole, and am saying it over and over to myself. Whack-amole. Whack-a-mole.

And people wonder why I'm still single.

tiff said...

mmm3 - I'm arockin' today at the lake. Wooo!!!

Wordsrock - Bwah-ha-ha!!! :>

Hov - a COMPLETELY dissociative post would be so very up my aisle. Cool idea!

REnn - I think I'm obligated to leave myself out of it, but thanks for the pat on the back - I'm thinking I need to get back to that level of entertainment at some point.

Wordnerd - oh, the things I do in a spurt of fooolishness

DebR - you're an evil genius, aren't you?

Hyperion - you know how to reach me.

Beth - the humdrum hoedown? now THAT has possibilities!

Caryn - thanks!

Kingfisher - you're in

Neil - that's almost an impossibility for me.

Tracy Lynn - but, FUN!!! Whackamole, whackamole, whackamole!!!

leesepea said...

Hey, where am I supposed to send the link for my mundane submission to? It doesn't say on the Carnival of the Mundane site and there's no "Email Me" button on your page.

Well, I guess I'm just gonna have to leave it for you here.

mr. schprock said...

Oh boy, good luck with that, Tiff!

tiff said...

leesepea - thanks much!!

Mr S - don'tcha wanna play along???

kapgar said...

If I offered up the one meager theme I do have, I'd be screwed come the end of September when I'm hosting. Sorry.