Friday, April 28, 2006

A smattering of offerings

Firstly, please go here and be amazed at how one man's voice distills into a very few words emotions so true that all parents can relate to the feeling, no matter the condition of their children or their ages.

Are you sufficiently recovered from that yet?

No? Well, I'll give you another minute or so to get composed again. It took me a while.
Secondly, please join me in my befuddlement at this story.

I must say that I've tried and tried and tried to figure out in what way this makes sense, and tried to apply this kind of apparent money-raking scheme to other industries, and am coming up a total and complete blank. Would this kind of thing be appropriate for, um, pharmaceutical companies or restaurants or grocery store chains or any OTHER provider of goods or services? What other commercial sector has us by such short hairs? Where are our options? In which direction can I vent my indignation?

Or is my indignation misplaced? Is there are good REASON why this is happening?

Anyone? Hello?

The other night, while surfing around the teevee for something good to watch (or, at the very least, something not completely inane or intelligence-insulting or so fluffy it floats), we landed on an episode of "The Man from UNCLE."

Yes, you read that right.......we were that hard-up for entertanment. And yet, I enjoyed it. Is that so wrong??

In the episode we watched Shari Lewis guest starred as a wannabe showgirl and David McCallum does this number called "A Man is a Drum" while dressed as an Asian Indian, complete with very well done accent.

The supposedly main idea is that THRUSH is trying to break into UNCLE's main computer (which is under a theater where a third-rate show is being staged (therefore the acting and soforth)), which is so large it takes up an entire underground cavern and spits out information on long thin strips of paper and has an impressively large bank of flashing lights to indicate that it's functioning.

And while the idea of those old clunker computers is almost laughable, I had to stop and think that "hey, this show was done 40 YEARS ago! Have computers, as a viable entity, been around that long?", which was followed by "Shari Lewis was HOT back then!" which was followed by "I think I would maybe like to kiss Illya Kuryakin a little bit."

'Cause he was pretty hot too.
Nextly - it's time to play "Finish the headline!"

Katrina Report Rips the White House Anew

Because, sometimes they just write themselves, y'all.
Lastly (and you know there had to be a "Lastly," right?) - is there anything better on Friday mornings than knowing that a coworker is bringing in doughnuts, because that's what happens every Friday?
Yes, yes indeed there is - it's when a coworker brings in doughnuts to the office you're in which is not in the same building as everyone else is in because you're working on some super-secret thing that nobody else is supposed to know about, and the coworker lets you pick which one you want from a selection of pliant sugar-coated fat bombs so calorie-laden and unhealthy you can hear your future grandchildren beseeching you not to eat that thing so they can get to meet you one day.
CarolinaPurl - you rock. Totally.


Wordnerd said...

I met his "beloved monster" a few weeks ago when I clicked on his link -- I think it was from your page, even. The man is incredible. Heck, he has me reading about diabetes and I'm not even diabetic!

Now I want a donut, dammit!

tiff said...

WN - If you have a "Daylight Doughnuts" store in your area - run, do not walk to them and order a creme-filled, chocolate-glazed sugar bomb of perfection. Too much with the yummy.

Yep - Rob is something else....

Erica said...

I saw that headline on Yahoo (Rips Anew) this morning and chuckled, thinking of you. Knew you would capture it. And I had to wonder if the writers of that headline weren't chuckling as well, knowing we'd ALL be supplying the last word of the title...

Kim said...

Um, there's 3 doughnuts left, girl. Meet me for an afternoon snack in super-secret room #2.

tiff said...

Erica - I do what I can, and sometimes I do need to do anything at all.

Kim - Oooh! Yay!!!! Be right over!

tiff said...

Or, sometimes I DON'T need to do anything....

Anonymous said...

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Neil said...

Shari Lewis -- the Lambchop woman? -- was in a Man From Uncle episode?

rennratt said...

David MacCallum is still around. He's the coroner on NCIS...and looks EXACTLY THE SAME!

Oh, wow. I think I need to get outside for a while...

Suburban Turmoil said...

Oh thank you for that link about Schuyler. I have never seen that blog and his writing is beautiful and so poignant. It really reminds me to be grateful for what I've got. :)

tiff said...

Neil - the very same. Quite the cutie too!

Renn - Still with the floppy blond hair, or has that changed?

Lucinda - I feel the same way. Rob's got the gift to make us ALL think a little.