Thursday, April 27, 2006

Oops, more tangents

OK - indulge me while bitch for a sec about my job, yet again.

Waaaaahhhhh! It's driving me crazy!!!! Waaaaaaahhhhh!

(wait, that was whining. Let me try again. Memememeeeeee!!!!! lalalalalalalaaaaaa!!!! All right, I'm warmed goes)

God bless it! Why can't people just stop sending me stuff to work on when they say they've sent me the last thing I need to work with and they've "helped" me by putting in all their comments so I shouldn't have anything to do except check the document over to be sure it's right and gee, wasn't that all helpful of them,,,,,,,

EXCEPT - they persist in sending me stuff after they said they were done sending me stuff and they didn't REALLY accept all their changes correctly, and did NOT transcribe the changes into the accessory document correctly and so now I have to go and proof both the 80-page source and the 21-page summary all OVER again and we have a meeting in an HOUR to talk about all these changes and they're going to want to see "clean" versions of these things and oh look here's ANOTHER change coming through on e-mail and WHY WONT THEY JUST CUT IT THE FUCK OUT ALREADY AND LET ME DO MY JOB????????

(Yes, I said fuck. And it felt good. I'm going to do it again...... Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck............ wheeee!)

Dag-GONE y'all! This endless changing of the changes and the tracking of the changing changes is tedious and tiring and aggravating, and I was supposed to have something else out to another client yesterday and don't have time to work on THAT because I'm doing this OTHER thing that is like a burr under my saddle, if I were a riding horse instead of the WORKHORSE I'VE BECOME!

Neigh THIS, beeyotches.



Anybody know what this season's fashion colors are? Is it something other than black and tan and black?

If so, I need to go shopping. Even though I've recently branched out into pink and blue (quite the departure, I know), I don't want to go the wrong direction if, for once in my life, I'm to keep up with the trends.

Of course, the overriding factor here is that if the trends can't be found on the clearance rack at WalMart, I'm fresh out of fashion luck.


Oh God, there's another e-mail. Make it stop.


Oh yes, the rain. Yes, it still is raining, thank for asking. Yes, it's nice that we're not going to be in a drought situation, and it's nice that it's raining right before the well in the new house is to be checked, and it's nice that the crops can grow and the farmers can thrive and the butterflies can moisturize their wee little mouthparts, but I'm starting to feel right damp-ish and I can't drive with my windows down because my cars drips on me if I do, and my hair is doing this crazy weird "look at me, I've got BODY and CURL and a real WILD HAIR" thing that makes me wonder about my genetic heritage just a little, and the airplanes that cruise right over my HEAD on their way to RDU come in just a touch LOWER because of the clouds and all, which makes them sound very much as though they're going to crash through the roof in a screaming ball of hot metal and destruction.

But hey, think of the butterflies, right?



And there's yet another e-mail. I gotta go.


Anonymous said...

I think you work in my office.

rennratt said...

I think you need to eat something. I will escape if you will!

How's Wendy's at 1 pm? We could dine off the dollar menu in the drive thru!

hovatter62 said...

Try getting mega paperwork done whilst attempting to teach 15 crazy 7 and 8 year olds! Arghhhhh, if the administration would leave me alone to actually teach - we would get along very nicely. But, noooooo, I have to address this one's special needs, send a note to those two parents, prepare awards for these three, turn in lesson plans done in a new format, get all my papers run off for next week, and prepare to test all 15 individually on their reading skills next week. Then I have to enter all the test scores onto a website and prepare to give yet another round of tests after that, and of course enter those score onto our Intranet!

Whew....okay I feel better, and yes, I can really emphathize! Butterflies? Schmutterflies!

tiff said...

WN - wouldn't it be fun if I did?

Renn- no can do today, dear - it promises to be a nother day like the rest of the week has been....may next week?

Hov62 - I hear ya. This is why I didn't become a teacher. You ahve my sympathies.