Monday, January 30, 2006

What a mental image

Taken right from the "odd news" portion of your regularly scheduled broadcast,

This perfect ten-point landing.

Yes, well, stiff upper lip and all that, old chap! Nothing to see here, so move along. We'll pull the pieces together and carry on over here, no need to worry.


Seriously y'all - I wasn't going to update today, but daggone! This story set off a cascade of mental images cause me to get church giggles. The shoelace, the stair tumble, the smashing of valuble artifacts! Great heavenly days, y'all!


I'm sure we'll be back to the usual dull fare tomorrow. My apologies for this drift into more juvenile territory than what's usual....

Hee! Woo! I'm seeing John Cleese!


Jess Riley said...

yaay, I always wanted to be a barking monkey! I too laughed at that story. And, this is terrible, but I also laughed at the story on MSN about the Elmo storybook that said, "Who wants to die?" instead of "Uh oh, who has to go?"

Anonymous said...

"Church giggles..." I've never heard that expression, yet I know exactly what you're talking about. Been there, done that, got the stare-down from the priest...good times.

Erica said...

I like 'church giggles' as well! And you know, on the tumbling buffoon - there, but for the Grace of God, go I.

Or something like that.

tiff said...

I just thought of something. Wouldn't "The Church Gigglers" make a great name for a band? :>