Monday, January 16, 2006

Sometimes I get excited

WARNING - the following contains 1) a confession, 2) lots of random colors 3) too much gushing for a grown woman, and 4) a plea for help.

The Management

A confession - I have a super-secret e-mail address.

It's always a thrill to see e-mail coming to the super-secret e-mailbox. I have it set up to re-direct comments from this page, bounce some other e-mails from other websites, notify me of bloggy updates from the savvy bloggers with actual notify lists, and the like. There's usually something GOOD in there, a message from one of y'all or a note that someone at MySpace loves me or whatnot (stop giggling, it could happen).

So, this afternoon, at the end of a very long day indeed, I wearily checked the e-mail box for the super-secret Tiff site, and saw SIX e-mails were waiting for me (don't laugh - I check so obsessively throughout the days that 6 at a blow is big doin's).

"My!" I thought. "Could it be that the latest N.A.Y. entry has generated considerable buzz amongst the blogerati and I'm becoming well-read? Or could it be that someone has discovered the charms of the Tiffster at MySpace and is contacting me repeatedly to have insightful discussions about Jane Austen books or their favorite cinema offering?"

(just occured to me - the acronym for this site isn't very flattering. Meh - can't be bothered to change it).

Back to the tension-filled moment, then:

It could be anything, I thought excitedly as I popped open the mail center - anything! Maybe I'd been discovered as the bestest new writer of bloggafication evah and the comments were veritably TRICKLING in! Maybe it's someone who could be my new best friend in the whole world who found me on this or some other site and who loves me for who I am and lives someplace close to me and we can see each other on the weekends and do fun stuff like go look at
plasticized dead people and weirdly misshapen skeletons together (because, LJS and PRV, if you don't go with me I'll find someone who will.....)!

I clicked the link - the list of wildly wonderful e-mails was imagined and were almost real in my over-achieving mind, when what to my wondering eye did appear, but:

1 e-mail from "RealAge" telling me I should be thinking about colon polyps today
1 e-mail from some horoscope thing telling me I could get my WHOLE CHART read for just $20
1 e-mail from someone I don't know asking me to "check out Lila16"
1 e-mail from some stupid Yahoo group I joined forever ago and am too lazy to unjoin,
2 bulk e-mails.


Apparently my discovery and new best friends will have to wait for another day.

Oh poo......

I'd settle for discovery......

But, hey, if you live near me and like to look at weird crap and can talk about anything and everything with a firm knowledge base and have a great sense of humor and like to drink coffee and if you get my sense of humor (there's your big hurdle right there), then maybe you've got a shot at the whole "friend" business. I mean, I already HAVE fabulous friends who fit the bill quite nicely, but there's always room for more. Come, join the party!

Or drop me an e-mail. Whatever.

Without it, I'm stuck with contemplating colon polyps.

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Anonymous said...

A secret e-mail addresses (I have one, too!) and colon polyps! :/