Monday, January 02, 2006

Long Drives and Headaches

So, in the past week I've been

To Washington DC on the 22nd
Back to NC the 23rd
All over my county on the 31st
To DC on the 1st
Back to NC today

In between there were a couple of holidays .....

Oh yes, Christmas. That was, erm, a week ago now and I can't remember it anymore, except to say that there's still an enormous pile of pine needles in the living room that choked the vacuum as we were cleaning up before the second trip north and was left on the floor looking all forlorn and disappointed. The vacuum, not the pine needle pile. I'm sure the dogsitter must think I'm "off me nut" to leave the house that way, but we simply ran out of time to get everything done before leaving.

And New Year's eve. Which rocked, because we found out there was a Monty Python's Flying Circus marathon on and had to watch (with the kids, natch), and consequently didn't have to watch more than about 3 seconds of some random ball-dropping to know it was 2006. I didn't realize the folks in the state capitol put on a little bit more pastoral celebration, with a "giant acorn drop" at the correct hour and very quaint!

But right now that's all that my brain can conjure up as something along the lines of happy memory-ville, because I've had FAR too much driving, much too little sleep, and have developed one of those throbbing tension headaches that alMOST goes away, but then comes pounding back just as you think you're rid of it, and with the kiddies gone for a couple of weeks I'm going to immerse myself in the sheets and not MOVE until tomorrow morning.

Yes, it's only 8:30, but 10 days sharing a double bed with someone is not fun, no matter how much you might love them, and its even LESS fun if they're a dreamworld judo master.

Here's to wondrous things occurring in ought six, y'all!


tdk said...

My god- i thought i traveled an assload over the holidays.....naught! You were all over the place. I tried to watch the Rocking NYE thing on ABC, but Dick Clarks voice was killing me. He sounded terrible. Like he was dying. Did you catch any of that? I wound up downing almost a 1/2 gallon of Pinot (not kidding nor bragging either)and felt like dying for the past 2 days.... Whew

Erica said...

Well the holidays are over, thankfully. Back to life! And I'm glad you are indoctrinating your children in Monty Python, or Saint Looney Up the Cream Bun and Jam! Huzzah!

tiff said...

I shun DC and his rocking NYE, because it's embarrasing (to me) to watch. I had read some comments on other blogs that he sounded like he'd died and nobody'd told him yet.
TDK - 1/2 gallon of wine? You're asking for a headache. Stick with liquor from now on, and drink it Russian style (avec food!). Take it from one who knows. Yes, there's a story there, perhaps the next entry!
Erica - I could do without all the holiday-esque expectations, for sure, but because this was largely a pajama-clad holiday week I rather enjoyed it. First time in a long time, really. :> Has something to do with not trying too hard (actually, barely trying hard enough!)

Anonymous said...

I had just the right balance of New Years' frivolity -- neighbor's house (no driving), kids invited (no sitter), no tv (no DC and the moronic apple drop), and just enough booze (no hangover). Excellent evening.

tiff said...

Wordnerd - THAT's the way to party. Esp the "no hangover" part. They suck at best and, as I'm sure TDK will tell you, are disabling at worst. PLUS the kids were invited? You go to the BEST places!