Thursday, January 26, 2006

Let me explain something

I made the mistake of checking the ol' site meter just now, and was alarmed by it's striking resemblance to, shall we say, a cliff? Maybe one like in the Rocky Mountains? With the steeeeep sides and dangerous-looking craggy rubble-strewn bottom?

Which begs a question - where did you go, dear peoples?

Is the dropoff because I'm not providing a daily ration of Tiff lately and now y'all are so starved for my particular blend of humor and pathos and soul-baring excess and nipple stories that you've gone somewhere else for your fix, hoping that it's just as tasty and less filling?

Or, is it because the last thing I posted was so very offensive that it, in one fell swoop of the pen (yeah, OK, keyboard), completely turned off the small cadre of readers that actually visit this site, wondering why they ever chose to read the shameful secrets of this obviously very disturbed women in the first place?

Or, more horribly, perhaps, is it because what I put up for offer is so beyond crappy it's made you finally realize it's time to run screaming from any further sullying of brain cells better used to play "Chuzzle" or read FARK?

If so, I understand. Completely natural. Really.

Just, you know, I wonder.


If you were wondering and maybe feeling a tiny bit bad for me due to my full-on Tiffy-fit of Monday, here's an update - the veritable mountain of work I mentioned earlier this week is being chipped away, oh so slowly, by generous applications of panic, stress, adrenalin, caffeine, and 4:30 wake-up calls. I can almost see over the top of the "to-do" list and am lovingly anticipating the sliiiiide down the other side into the weekend. Mmmm, warm bed, I miss you so.


rennratt said...

I try to peek in daily, but do not always comment. Work life is insane, so I sometimes read the equivalent of a week at a time.

Jess Riley said...

Greetings fellow blogger. I see we both enjoy Weetabix and Go Fug Yourself. So I am compelled to say "Hello!"

Carry on!

tiff said...

Hey y'all,

Thanks for the blip (like, you know, the sound that RADAR makes when it senses something)! Begging works, fancy that.

Q said...

Relax; we still love you.
Two points come to mind:
1) They'll look the same on a percentage basis, but going from, say, 1 million hits to 100,000 is different from going from, say, 50 hits to 5. The first suggests some real mass exodus, the second a vagary of random variation in small samples.
2) I have no idea how many hits you're actually getting, but your description of jagged rocks, peaks, and valleys suggest something closer to 50 than 1,000,000.
They'll be back.

Anonymous said...

I stopped looking at my sitemeter. And I felt 100% better. We love ya, no matter what those dumb graphs say!

tiff said...

Q- you commented! I know it's you!!! And you're SO totally right about how few hits come in. It's interesting to see from whence they cometh, but when it becomes apparent that half of them are ME looking at what I just did or commenting on my own page, it's jumped the shark from interest straight to obsession.
Wordnerd - a finer idea was never heard. I'm too curious for my own good, and once i figure out who that person is who using the US military signal corps identity to browse my site I'll jsut stop looking. I serious - who is it?
A "mwah" to all!