Friday, January 06, 2006

Can anyone say "Death Star"?


Just TELL me the crater at the top is where Luke is supposed to fly the X-wing.

If you want to know where this came from,
check it out.

Warms my geeky wondering heart right to the very core.


Erica said...

Well you just KNOW I have to comment on this one. If that IS the Death Star, my apologies to you all. Vader and the boys have obviously caught up with me and I must now make the jump to light speed. Will try to continue posting to my blog from somewhere else in the GFFA (Galaxy Far, Far Away).

Peace Out.

tiff said...

The thing struck me as so strange, and once I made the mental leap I was hoping someone other than me would lay claim to its presence. It's OK if Vader is here, I don't mind, his suit is kind of sexy - just don't sic Palpatine on me - his teeth are gross.