Monday, January 23, 2006

5 weird habits

Thanks to wordnerd, I'm tagged. I must comply with the tagging, this much is obvious, or risk being chased out of the cool kids' club into the dark and cold impersonality of the internet to face the friendless void alone.

But only 5 weird habits? Dear me, this will be hard. Where to start?

Ah yes, with the obvious. My bordeline autistic side:

1) I count to 8 over and over when I walk someplace. (I blame this on marching band and the "8 to the 5" rule. I cannot help myself.)

The next 2 illustrate my OCD side rather nicely, I think:

2) Kitchen counters are meant to be clean, dammit. Even if I just cleaned them.

3) Same for the floor. (It takes a strength of will I don't have to allow crumbs and grit on the floor for more than a couple of hours. Strangely, I do not feel this way about carpets. That's my Mom's fetish.)

Wait, maybe this one speaks to OCD too - pattern, much?

4) The piles of work on my desk must be parallel and perpendicular to one another before I leave for the day. (Further, all paper must be neatly stacked so that no edges drift over other edges. If a stack contains clipped items, the clips must be laid out in alternating places so that the pile stays squared off. I'm serious. Even in my clutter I'm organized. Is it any wonder at all that I became a scientist rather than a musician?)

Hey now, there's 4 down already - this is going much too quickly. Now, what will be the last personal pecadillo to make the list? Oh my, settle down, you rambunctions little quirks! You're forcing me to close my eyes and pick at random because you're all looking at me so endearingly with those pleading big eyes of love, wanting to be the next (and last) finalist....

5) I like to eat eat cottage cheese and ketchup. Together. (Can't eat it plain - it tastes gross and leaves a soapy mossy aftertaste. This combination never fails to get a reaction from the uninitiated. )

There you go! The top five, right off the top of my head, from the top of the building where I work, which is for a company that's near the top in its field.

Clearly, I need a hobby.


Sherri said...

I've never tried cottage cheese and ketchup. I eat it with fruit, but I guess that's not very weird. Unless I meant fruit and ketchup, which I didn't. I'll try it sometime when I'm feeling adventurous. What would the ratio of cottage cheese to ketchup be, please?

tiff said...

Recipe is as follows:

Half cup o' CC, 1 T ketchup (as IF I ever measured, but in my mind that's what it looks like).


Fruit and ketchup. Ewwwwww.

rennratt said...

I have mixed sesame seeds and cottage cheese, but not ketchup. A soapy, mossy aftertaste? Ewww...

Erica said...

cottage cheese and ketchup... I gotta tell you, I'm not sure I want you sitting next to me at lunch anymore...

Wordnerd said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I think you may have hit on my counting the steps neurosis -- I, too, was in marching band, and I've counted ever since. I feel much better now.

And you know, your recipe doesn't sound half bad...

tiff said...

renratt - well, it's true! :>
erica - boy, our fantasy lunch date is over so soon, eh? bummer.
wordnerd - I'm here to help.