Thursday, March 12, 2015

Putting down a stray thought.

Banner Bank wasn't much, at first look to a wanderer.  A few houses, a wide spot of flat earth where a barn was built.  A pub, 5 homes in a cluster with three more up the hillsides, some wisps of smoke.

Banner was three days' walk from the nearest inland hamlet, which wasn't much itself but had a smith and shop, which was something.  Banner was a days' boat ride Northward from the nearest Keep, but that was in good weather, and the seas almost never had that in store except in Sommer.

The Bank on which Banner Bank was set wasn't much to speak of either, but it was enough to keep the Winter spray from the roads and the babies from braving a tumble down its side to get to the water below.  Folds of hills rose from the bank and cradled Banner Bank in velvet hands to shield it from the winds from the East that roared over, creating many interesting cloud formations for the sedentary babies that lived below.

A quiet place of 40 souls or so, who kept tight-knit and shared meals of aspen and fish, of algae and pemmican, of grain and roots.  One pot fed the whole of them, and when from time to time a stray goat of stoat or garblin hit a snare, then they'd feast. 

Not much happened in Banner Bank, a wanderer would say.

-Tiff out.


kenju said...

But I sense that something big is about to happen.....amiright?

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