Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Don't be me

Hey y'all.

It is 7 a.m., and I have been run over by a stampeding horde of giant bunnies. 

Which is to say, apparently I have sleep-talked all night long.  The LOML tells me so.

With my hands.

Now, I have felt this happening before - when I fall asleep, my fingers start to twitch and jump like they are trying to convey something.   It's annoying to my bed partner, I'm sure, so I try to keep them digits cornered to make life more tranquil, but lat night, it seems, things were terrifically free range.  FOR HOURS.

The dreams that came with?  Let's just say that my first novel is written.  Oh, it's a good one too.  Full of Stuff I don't yet get, but my hand will tell me in time, I'm sure.

So, happy Tuesday, I hope you are sharp of mind and clear of purpose this morning. It's a good day to question something!


LL said...

I suppose it all depends on where the fingers traveled...

Mahala said...

My feet do that. I think I've hiked the whole AT in my sleep.