Thursday, February 05, 2015


Proper folding technique
Every Friday around these parts it's pizza night.  Generally, we order out for delivery, because we live in the city and we can do things like that.  It's a treat.

Sometime,s we make pizza, but that's kid of a pain and takes energy and sometimes it's just not worth it and besides, pizza if kind of cheap even with delivery and tipping.

Our pizza is better, by far, but delivery is the lazy girl's savior.  We don't have enough delivery places around here.

Tonight we moved up pizza night because 2 of us (originally 3 of us!) weren't going to be around tomorrow night to indulge.  Turns out?  Moving it was a good idea.  Here's why:

Pizza discounts -

1 extra large 3-topping 'za - 13 dollars
1 large 3-topping - 0 dollars because REWARD POINTS!
1 other XL 'whatever you want' 'za with a 40% web 'za discount - 14 dollah.

13 + 14 = 27, but with delivery charges, taxes, and 5 dollar tip, came to 35 bucks, which is OK for my wallet and please, cold pizza for breakfast?  YES.

Also, free pizza.


I know, I know.  PIZZA.  GAWD.

Sometimes I just don't want to chef it up, OK?  And sometimes the kids just want to indulge in a tradition when they know the rock-solid foursome won't be around on the designated day.

Fine by me.

Don't let the calender rule your life, is how I try to be.  Or other people's tastes.

Do take advantage of free pizza days.  They won't be around forever.


This post won't go down in the 'greatest posts of NAY, ever ever ever,' and that's OK.  It's what's going on right now, and it's a moment to  capture.

That, and one of the kids just burped.

Oh, such bliss.

Tiff out.


kenju said...

I love pizza delivery!! we have that where we live now, and it is good!

LL said...

I don't have that...

But I must say... I'm SHOCKED!!!

3 large pizzas???

Anonymous said...


tiff said...

2 XLs and 1 L. Plenty of pizza left over!!!