Monday, February 09, 2015


The very last thing that can be sponsored, has been sponsored, for this is the statement I just gawped at for 30 seconds trying to figure out how it has any relevance or financial value:

"Sabra is the official dip sponsor of the NFL."

Proof that I am not making this up.
Y'all.  HUMMUS is the official 'dip sponsor' of the NFL!  Not your dandified French Onion Dip (way to drop the ball there, Helluva Good company!) or Beefy Queso dip (Velveeta, did you not snap to attention when you learned this golden opportunity was open?), no!  It's Hummus, beaches, and it's official!  What other dip is manly enough to handle the NFL?  None, that's how many.  Hummus takes on the NFL like a boss and comes out on top!

It also contains no transfats or cholesterol and is gluten free.  The trifecta of thumbs up for hummus, The Official Dip Sponsor of the NFL!'s also KOSHER!  A fourfecta!!  Oh happy day!

When eaten with a goodly handful of pretzel crisps (also many enough for the NFL even though it is sans trans fat, sat fat, and cholesterol), one can feel pretty good about one's snacking choices, NFL-wise.

Just be sure to drink a  LOT of water before, during and after, because you're sucking down spoonsful of salt while enjoying the Official Dip Sponsor of the NFL and it's crunchylicious foodmate.

There's always a downside, isn't there?

Tiff out

PS - their company motto/tagline is "Dip life to the fullest."  What does that even mean??

PPS - here is an interesting article about NFL sponsors.  I did not realize that there is an official motor oil of the NFL.  Learn something new every dang day!


oldfriend said...


Anonymous said...

eyeno! Moi

LL said...

The only bad thing about hummus is that it's made with garbanzo beans which no self respecting Loser would ever be caught dead eating...


Warped Mind of Ron said...

Hey! Who is the official sponsor for NFL condoms???

Middle Girl said...

*I* am not the demographic for sure. So, it won't surprise either group that being tied to the NFL is a sure way to have me steer away from Sabra hummus.

Just took a gander at some of the other NFL sponsors. So many are not on my list, not necessarily because they sponsor the NFL. But, one wonders. hummmm us.