Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another one in the chamber (10)

Today was a slickery kind of day in the frozen Souf.  Freezing rain overnight made for a tricky commute in the a.m., so I did what most people, when afforded the opportunity, would do - I stayed home.  Nice to have the flexibility, really.

It warmed up enough to melt what had frozen to the new metal roof, so at times throughout the afternoon sheets of ice would slide off the roof and smash on the ground below, which made for much excitement when leaving the house to run errands at around 4 today.  We also had icicles dripping from the eaves, so that was great fun when an ice-cold drop of water went splooshing down the ol' neckhole of the sweatshirt I was wearing.

Worth it though, because a 5-pound bag of dog treats was on sale at the Tractor Supply for 5 dollars, and thus Wern is happy.

That is one spoiled brat dog.


About half as bad as this, which is bad enough.
The current ongoing battle of the Tiny House: getting Thing 1 to clean up his side of the room.  Lordy, what a sty.  There are clothes and papers and medicines boxes and all manner of crapitude near his bed, and I have been on his tail about it for 2 weeks and he's been stalling and stalling.

Well tonight I got tough.  He gets no dinner until it's cleaned up.  He tried, just now, to counter with the 'hey, good thing I have this box of Cheeze its right here,' at which point I took a stance and told him there would be no SLEEP tonight unless it got cleaned up.

Seriously, the place is a mess, and I can't stand it anymore.

And thus, I have become my mother.


Hark!!  I now hear the sound of paper being wadded up!  Could this be the start of my victory?


Also, does anyone want a box of Hickory Farms schwag we got for Christmas?  It's just sitting on our kitchen table.  A nice assortment of meats n' cheeses!  Guaranteed to last until next Christmas if you're into re-gifting!


Update:  a travel bag that has 'been missing' for a couple of months just emerged from the Things' room.

And the boys are arguing.  Sounds like the start of something big.


This has been your update from the Tiny House, for Wednesday 14 Jan 2015.

Tiff out.


kenju said...

I recall arguments about cleaning up rooms when my kids were at home. Sure glad that isn't needed any more. I'd have to clean my room first....LOL

LL said...

*sigh* Mothers...