Tuesday, January 06, 2015

4 (a realization)

Do y'all sense a theme with the post titles?


It's a pretty convenient way to remember how many I've done, but the theme is starting to wear on me a little so be ready for things to get shaken a little as I go BACK to actually giving posts titles.

It's a glorious new day!


Tell if I've told you this one before.
If I'm going to be posting once a day during the week, I might need to  generate some new material.  With about 1500 entries here already, there's a darned good chance that what I write about, from a historical perspective, has already been covered.

Like that former housemate who was shot and killed by an enraged jealous boyfriend.  I told you about that one, right?  And how a friend of hers (who was not-so-secretly in love with her) took a bullet to try to protect her?  I was trying to think of his name earlier, and was coming up blank, but now I recall it was Brian and he was a super-nice guy who found a big chunk of trouble in that gal.

Pretty sure I've mentioned the freight elevator in the academic building that housed the biology dept.  This was the one elevator in the building that was used primarily for hauling cadavers from the  basement where they were kept in large vats of formaldehyde, up to the anatomy labs on the top floor.  We always new when cadaver labs had started - the whole building smelled of formaldehyde.  That freight elevator was hand-operated and VERY old school.  No button to push for a floor, oh no.  You just mashed on the 'up' or 'down'  button and stopped mashing when it looked like the elevator was about even with the floor outside.  I got good at it after a couple of years riding up to the grad school offices on the third floor.

Canoeing in Florida and getting the wits scared out of my by an alligator, surely that's been told at least once.  And the all-night fishing expeditions the former husband loved?  The smell of salt air coming in through the windows of a small motel on that little island we used to go to before the kids came along?

Remembrances of when the boys were young, the hikes and playground days.  The Cub Scout years, the fights with teachers and the classroom volunteering.  I can't recall how much of that I've covered, and how much is yet uncovered that I should probably mention before I forget entirely.  Why, if I didn't have photos and some scattered entries in paper journals, my memory likely couldn't conjure up too many distinct episodes of their young lives, such is the mess that is my brain.

And then,, just about 9 years ago, I started this blog (OK, a little over 9 years).  For a time I was a very assiduous blogger indeed, and so I feel like the last life interval has been somewhat reasonably covered.

However, if there's something you'd like to know about me, or if any of the topics mentioned above don't sound familiar to you, please ask or let me know.  This daily blogging thing is going to require a LOT more thinking than just simply writing down the same stuff over and over and over again.

Because I'm going to need SOMETHING to jog my memory in 20 years or so!

Tiff out.


LL said...

Nice picture there...

Although I've been with you for many moons now... I can only recall a couple of those stories actually being told as tales on the NAY...

db grin said...

I have not heard the death-by-jealous-lover story! Do tell!

the only daughter said...

Even if it has been told before, tell it again. There may be folks who don't know it.

Or, tell it from a different point-of-view.

oldfriend said...

I haven't heard that one either!