Monday, January 05, 2015

3 (Monday)

It'll make sense eventually
I have been unsuccessful in making my way to work today.  After more than two weeks off from work, it's not a battle I'm prepared to face.  Fortunately, wherever my work computer is there also iswork, so my kitchen will have to suffice for today (and likely tomorrow, as there are no scheduled meetings at this time to make it worth the 40-minute trip in).

Yesterday at church I was talking with someone who is on one of the teams I volunteer on.  She's a personal trainer, self-employed, and makes (by her own admittance) a pittance.  However, even being just above the poverty line isn't enough for her to go get a job at a gym, which she's done before.  She likes just being her own shop and living life how she wants to.  What freedom that must be!  For a while I've toyed with the idea of setting up shop on my own, but I'm not a natural entrepreneur and am mightily frightened of the world outside of corporate America.  It's a dumb way to be, isn't it?  Am I going to make the world burn or turn the tide of opinion by sitting around shuffling papers when I could be grabbing big handfulls of life and making things awesome?

Speaking of natural entrepreneurs, an old friend who started off with the same qualifications and training as me, is now spending 2 months in Germany for a client doing stuff for which they have hired her at what is likely to be a Very Nice Sum Indeed.  They've put her up in an apartment, she's travelling all over Europe, her family has visited.  Pretty awesome stuff.  All while I sit like a blob in the bottom of some cosmic bathtub, waiting to slide down the drain with a goopy slurp.


Well, that one took kind of a dark turn, and all because I'm miffed at having to go back to work already.  After my luxurious 2 weeks off.  Which I spent mostly doing nothing, and still getting paid for it.


On a side note: there's a police car outside my house.  The nice officer is talking with a neighbor.  If I stepped out on the front porch I could hear every word of what's going on.  Would that be weird of me to do?  Just stand out there and listen in to what's going on and who is having trouble with whom?  Maybe I could pretend like I'm looking for something in my car, eh?  Just rummage around in there few a few minutes to glean something juicy to share with the LOML when he gets home?  Have I sunk to those levels?  Are we hearing the goopy slurp yet?

You have to admit that anytime the law shows up in your yard there's a certain amount of mystery and intrigue that goes along with it.  We don't see much of the law around here, and it's natural and understandable that I should want to concern myself with possible neighborhood dangers and issues, right?  Just a few minutes out searching my car for something I know I won't find should be OK, or maybe take out the trash, then the recycling, then some more trash, until I can develop an outline of what's being discussed?

The neighbor being interviewed once had a drunken naked fistfight with his wife out in the street, which makes this particular interaction all that much more interesting.  Things haven't gotten to that level of crazy in a while, but I suspect there's never really a languid moment at their house if both of them are home.

OOoh!  I think I just heard a raised voice!

Nope - now it's laughing.  I went and locked my door for nothing.  No throwdowns will occur, it appears.  Just some friendly streetside banter with your best buddy the cop.  Have a nice day, please proceed with what you were doing.


Tiff out.


kenju said...

Here's hoping the police will not knock on your door later.

I'm with you on the work thing - even though I have not worked since last Feb.

LL said...

Maybe you could call your friend and get in on some of the action...

the only daughter said...

I spent a good part of last year as an independent contractor. I'll just say this about that, I don't make a bucket full of moolah I DO so embrace the regularity of the amount landing in my account.

I have neighbors who have no qualms about standing on porches, faking search and rescue missions, or flat out walking up and asking--nay, demanding to know what goes on.

Fun read. :-)