Friday, January 02, 2015

2 (for 6)

Yesterday was supposed to be 'it,' but for reasons (and it is said) the date was changed to 03 Jan 2009.  What's the matter with a couple of days difference, after all.  The reasons were compelling enough, I suppose.

Six years tomorrow (not yesterday!) we got hitched.  It has been, without a doubt, one of the most enriching and enjoyable relationships I have ever been involved in.  What's not to like about a smart, funny, lighthearted, thoughtful, engaging person who is also multi-capable, helpful, energetic, and good-looking to boot?  Nothing is wrong with that, I say, NOTHING.

So I'm writing him a poem to celebrate.

Boy, I hope this turns out (*runs to fetch some liquid courage and ruminate*).

OK, here goes.

Himself, plus a very cute puppy he flew around with today.
Six Things I Like About You, in Haiku

Eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, your face
All the lobes of your fine brain,
Oh, I guess that's six.

But wait, there's much more!
Drumming on the steering wheel,
A generous grin,

Those out-there comics
Admirable chopping skills
Though no sticky hands!

'Dad' jokes at the lake
Wanting to drive All The Things
Giver of great hugs.

Able-bodied man
of God who loves to teach
and discuss and seek.

Strong shoulders, kind heart
Quick wit, endlessly patient
Musical to boot.

Inventive for sure
Really good at solitaire
Warmth, love, fun, invitation.

Thank you for saying
You would be with me always
Because, as you've said:

If you ever leave
me, I'm going with you. I
love you LOML. - Schmumpins.


Six years.  Time does indeed fly, and when each day is a light burden, a pleasure of ease and loving interaction (OK, most of them.  We do have our moments [mostly mine] and nobody's easy to get along with all the time), well it just makes time fly that mush faster.

Heh - 'mush' faster.  I'm leaving it in, because this is that kind of post.  All lovey-dovey and full of those weird adult feelings.  DEAL WITH IT.

Tiff out.


rennratt said...

How sweet! I can't believe that it's been 6 years...and I was there!

Happy Pre-Anniversary!

kenju said...

I can't believe it either - and I was there too!! Congratulations!

tiff said...

Whoops! I messed up one of them. Ohwell. The sentiment still stands.


LL said...

Ewwww... now I've got to go look for some insulin because of all the sweet... ;)

Glad to hear you're still in lub Tiffy my dear...

dandelionfleur said...

Congrats, you two crazy kids! Hoping for a million more for you.

the only daughter said...

Super sweet. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary.

oldfriend said...

An admirable haiku (or several) to mark the occasion. Happy Anniversary!