Friday, December 05, 2014


Flash fiction isn't dead, it would appear.  There's THIS running through tomorrow that y'all might want to be a part of.  Come on, you can do 150 words on what's the best way to orient your toilet paper (over!) so you can certainly write 150 on a vivid prompt, right?  It'll be like WordsmithsUnlimited 'lite'!

Go to the comment section to read the entries AFTER you've written your piece so that other folks' take on teh prompt won't bleed over into your own writing or dissuade you from even trying.

You're good enough, and people like you, so go.  Don't wait, just go.



There was an announcement this week at work that is very upsetting.  It affects thousands of people here in North Carolina in ways that are the Most Profound They Could Be short of just shuttering the whole works and throwing the company off a bridge.  Lives are being turned upside down in the name of....I don't even know what.  The decisions made make NO sense to me, but somehow they must to someone.

Sure hope the shareholders are happy.

Nobody around here is.

Which is why I didn't go to the group Holiday Celebration today.  I just don't have it in me.

But hey, if you know of anyone in the Triangle looking for a medical writer, I'm your gal.


As a result of the business news, I have found out one very unflattering thing about myself:  I can really sulk, HARD.  Spent the day yesterday avoiding doing any but the most necessary work and using the rest of that time to have a god fret about what the hell is going to happen to my life now.  To accede to the demanding plans for next steps as outlined by the company, we would have to pull up roots and I just not prepared to do that.  Oh, sure, if I decide NOT to follow the job there will be some monetary remuneration for me, but is that enough to wait until the company decides when that's going to happen or do I just strike out looking on my own NOW to lock down something 'sure'?

So hard to know what to do.  Perhaps  I should slink back to my corner and sulk some more.  It seems the only thing  I really want to do right now.

That, and hunt down whatever team of nincompoops came up with their brilliant plan to ruin my life and strangle them with their own Rolexes.  I also want to do that.  A lot.


Hope y'all are faring well and rolling with the punches.

Tiff out.


LL said...

You'll land on your feet my dear, of that I'm almost certain...

BTW, can't post pics of the cattle... don't have a working camera anymore!

kimperry said...

I am so sorry about the "news" and how it is making you feel. Sometimes life is really hard.

On a lighter note, I agree with you on toilet paper, and you inspired me to write about the fire-y photo. That was challenging, but very fun.
Thank you!

the only daughter said...

The news sucks money turds.

Prompts to write much appreciated. Not writing, mind you, not yet. . but will, some day. :-)

noceleryplease said...

I'm pretty much in that same work boat right now... and I can tell you, I am definitely waiting around for the payout. Once they kick me out, then I'm looking.

sorry to hear that you are too :(