Tuesday, September 02, 2014

An idea I can get behind

So, Neil posted something on Facebook that made me go read his blog that was started by Melissa that  I think is a pretty keen idea, so I'm going to do it to, right here in front of you.

(drum roll, please!)

I'm microblogging.

The idea, and it's revolutionary in its potential to scene shift online interaction, might I add, is thusly: post something once a week on our blogs that we would normally do on social media.

The idea, naturally, is to get BLOGGING going again, which I'm totally behind.  More specifically, get personal blogging going again, which I can really really get behind.  I very much miss reading the rounds on a daily basis, and do miss the days of long lists of entries to pore over before hitting the day's work.  

So, I'm doing it.  Like this:

Wern has placed his wee fuzzy body (21.5 pounds as of today!)  under the table where I'm working in such a way that I can have my feet only exactly where they are and noplace else.  I love that.

See?  A tiny post!  I love this idea also.

If you choose to do this as well, do it fast and you can get your name on the blogroll of participants, and maybe a few new readers.  Who doesn't need more of THAT?


Shiny Rod said...

Ginger has smelly dog feet...

Lollipop Goldstein said...

And I got to find a new blog from this!

I had to read backwards for a while. Wern is the... cat?

kenju said...

Hmmmmm.....maybe I'll do that too.
Blog, I meant, not lie under your desk.

Anonymous said...

Dear MP - Wern is our new puppy. Guess I really AM living on FB, as he's all over that platform.

Kenju - :)

Rod - don't they all.


the only daughter said...

Yep. I'm in. I miss blogging and more: bloggers.

Thanks. :D

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I had something like that happen at work... when I realized that Scooter wasn't at work I looked down to see a huge rat napping on my feet. Turns out he's cool, I named him Willard.

JustHeather said...

LOL. I'm glad someone else asked, I would have never guessed what/who Wern is.

No dogs here, but our cats do like to be on our fingers and in our face when at the computer.