Monday, March 03, 2014

Iced in, like a fine keg.

We'll get to it...
OK, so winter's come around again, blowing and hollering like a toddler who's 2 minutes from embarrassing his folks in the grocery store if he can't have THAT BALLOON RIGHT NOW and by right now I mean yesterday and even then it's too late, here come the tears and screaming.

Because, Wow.

To contrast with whatever evil is happening outdoors right now (30F and sleeting at the mo, thought it might be in the 20s by now, such is the temp slip) hear this:  Saturday we took a lovely walk in a nature preserve in north Raleigh, sans coat.  Sunday (yesterday, obvs) we had the house windows open because (check this) it was 70 outside and 65 inside.  Open the windows to warm the place up.

Then close them real quick to keep the heat in, because today flings itself in faster than Johhny Weir can triple toe loop and we're slammed into the 40, then 30s, then (likely) 20s, with all forms of precipitation imaginable in the ordinary course of things (no blasting steam, for example), and enough wind to dry your granny's bloomers in a minute flat.  I had to take our flag down out of a sense of compassion, such was the whipping about (and also rain, because I'm kind of a purist when I think about rain and American flags.  Take that bad boy down when it's raining!  I know, it's a chore, but if you're around, don't let it get wet.  Who likes a sodden symbol of our great nation?  No, it's like seeing Fabio with wet hair and a zit.  Nobody wants that.).

So, anyhow.  Winter.


One thing it's good for, I SUPPOSE, is cooking, but after last night's al fresco meaty grillin' time, stewing things is a less-than-awesome alternative.

Too bad I don't have ingredients for this in the house. Come on.  Dill pickle, cream cheese, and salami wraps?  You KNOW you would.  And it's totally paleo.  And gluten-free.  It's HEALTH FOOD, in a shiny salt coating.  MmmmMMMmmmmm.  Certainly the ice in my adult beverage would combat the resultant dessication and subsequent dehydration.  It would be SO worth it.


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Thanks to both.

Tiff out.


kenju said...

To the recent reappearance of winter, I say PFFFFFTTT! and also BAH!

LL said...

So is this the right time to tell you that it's pushing 60 right now with rain clouds forming over the mountains?

the only daughter said...

I remember (I think) warm-ish weather.