Thursday, December 26, 2013

It's important to let you know

So, There's this list on Gawker (I know, it's a silly place, but often amusing) that 'ranks' (heh) 22 of the worst writers of 2013.

I am pleased to report that I am not on that list.  I think.  I didn't actually read it all the way through.  It was kind of boring.

Want to know why it was so boring?  It's full of 'writers' I've never heard of.  EVER.  And they get paid, presumably, for being writers.  THAT I'VE NEVER HEARD OF.  Or seek out.  Or, obviously, care about.

This either means that 1) I've chosen my reading material well by avoiding the bad writers of the world (or, maybe just the United States), or 2) I'm woefully unread and do need to extend my daily ration of ingo to include some of the sites or publications mentioned in the Gawker article.

However, having read samples of some of their work via clickthroughs, I'm thinking that option #1 is the more likely scenario.  Or maybe it's simply that  I don't really  care about people's opinions.  That what they care about and pontificate on is dead to me in a way that is so unimportant that it doesn't raise even the smallest of pangs that I don't know about it.  Like I'm some kind of 'care-less' monster with a black heart and chitnous shell off of which bounce op-ed pieces, advice columns, political diatribes, tech blargh, and nearly everything that's not actual news or humor.

And you know what?  I'm OK with that.  I have my own opinions, and having someone who is not me try to convince me with the powers of their internetly godliness or otherwise supposed 'influence' is a waste of everybody's time.  It's like when guests on a radio talk show start arguing: I just switch to the classical music station.  Easy peasy, and better for the blood pressure, for certain.

But am I alone in this?  Are there opinion sponges out there who are familiar with all the names on the Gawker list?  Do you make the rounds of popular websites and gobble up the tender goodness of someone else's take on things?  Or are you like me, a happy hermit of the mindset to which you have become accustomed?


I think I'm getting , or already have, a cold.  I have sneezed a dozen times in the last half an hour, and my nose is all stopped up.

Just in time to travel to a family wedding tomorrow, and spend time with a lot of family.

Boo, yah.


I hope everyone who chooses to celebrate Christmas had a good one yesterday.  Right now my feet are encased in the fluffy goodness of a pair of actual UGG slippers, and it is wonderful.

It seems like each year we pare down the preparation and celebration, but this year was quite possibly the most sparing yet.  We didn't even decorate the tree until Christmas Eve, and got take-out Chinese food for dinner.  It was rather delightful, watching "The Princess Bride" while scooping luscious noms someone else made into my face while reclined in a comfy chair wearing comfy new slippers. It should be a new tradition, all that comfy.

And, because it's highly likely I won't write again soon, I send my very best wishes for a Happy New Year to all 5 of you who will read this.  My best wishes for prosperity, good health, and peace in 2014.

Tiff out.


Shiny Rod said...

Good thing I'm not on the list. Of course, I don't get paid to write anything but technical crap anyway.

dandelionfleur said...

Hermit here. And Merry Christmas. And eat some garlic for the cold. Not sure that will do anything but keep people away from you which should insure some rest.

kenju said...

#3 chiming in. I will have to check the list, and I pray I am not on it. I don't really have to pray for it, though, since my writing is read by so few as to not be worth noticing.
Hooray for Uggs slippers - anyone who feels inclined to gift a pair can bring them here.
Happy New Year to the inhabitants of the Tiny House.

the only daughter said...

Of the 20 or so names on the list I've only heard of one, the Gladwell fellow. That said, more hermit than the alternative.

Take gentle care.

Anonymous said...

I'm familiar with some of the names only because I've seen them interviewed or as guests on television shows. I've not read anything that a single one of them has written. I'm pretty sure they're not the 20 worst writers out there, too. I've seen some awesomely awful writing -- stuff you back up and read again just to try to wring some realistic sense out of it.

LL said...

Waitaminute... there are bad writers on the internet?

Who'da thunk it...

rennratt said...

I've heard of a few of these, all thanks to Facebook. Or no thanks, as the case may be.

I have found the writing to be poor, overly self aware, and pretty much publicly UN-aware. If you're going to do something for a living, back up your arguments. DO your research. EARN your freaking paycheck.

If you're just going to be op-ed, ADMIT IT. Don't present opinion as fact and expect people to follow with a blind eye.

Also, if you're going to be PAID to write the dreck, USE SPELL CHECK.

//end rant (and opinion)