Thursday, October 03, 2013

Going postal

Because it's delicious
I am heartened by the seeming resurgence in old blogger friends reviving their blogs, and would encourage more of you to do so if you feel even the least little bit inclined.  The Twitter, Facespace, Reddit, Pinterest, and thousands of other ways to waste time on the internet are all great if you choose to participate, but is a PICTURE OF FOOD going to tell me more about you than a topical (or rambling!) post?  Is a ‘tweet’ about how mad you are at the government/cancer/people who abuse animals/your dog to pooping on the rug/idiots of the opposite political party/WalMart going to inform us of WHY you’re so ticked off?  Is a FB post about how much you love your church going to serve as the moving invitation you’d like if you can’t go into some depth about your feelings and the greatness of the people who attend First Apostolic Church of the Teddy Graham (or similar).

Short answer: No.

Let me repeat.


So, all y’all who are, like me, hiding out on ‘social media’ while wasting time during the day or trying to get to sleep at night – go back and blog.  Put those words down.  Show us a slice of your life.  EXPRESS YOURSELF.

For instance: My left ear is ringing like I stood in the bell tower of Notre Dame on Christmas Eve during the midnight service.  I can’t hear hardly at all out of it, and if I accidentally put the phone to that ear during a call the voice on the other end is wispy and tinny at the same time.  The ringing has been around for a couple of days and has happened before but usually would be gone in a day or so.  I am not of fan of this ringing.  It’s bad enough I have tinnitus in both ears at around the 8000Hz level, but now this added slap?  Not awesome.  And I hope not permanent. 

Just move on along, persistent pesky ear ringing.  I have better things to do than be ticked off by you.

Also:  I just had lunch with Biff, and was reminded of how he hates the sound of fingers being noisily sucked clean (because I apparently do it JUST TO BUG HIM!), which was after I begged him to not put a paper napkin on his teeth because I hate the possibility of there being that horrible slip-scrape sound if rubbed just the wrong way, and it kind of dawned on me that we might be a little bit weird.  So might you, so I ask – what things set you off to nutsoland?  Sure, things like ‘styrofoam robbing together’ might be one, but I’m shooting for the truly unique thing that bugs you but doesn’t seem to affect other people.

Leave your contribution below if you’d be so kind (all 4 of you who still read blogs), and have a nice day.

Tiff out.


kenju said...

Hmmm....well, the things that bug me the most are done by that guy I live with, and I doubt he'd want me to blab them all over the internet.

But since that never stopped me before.....LOL:
1. He is a slob. Wherever he walks, he drops lint, dandruff, crumbs; he leaves buttery and jammy finger-prints all over the kitchen (and the arms of his favorite chair).
2. Whenever a server answers "No problem" to a remark he makes, he frowns and tells them not to say that again. He hates hearing "No problem" and of course the servers look at him like he is a freak. Little do they

I am all for the resurgence of blogs!! and I wish Biff would post more often than once a year.

toolprincess said...

Let's see things that make me go arrrgh! Silverware scraping together or on peoples teeth or the worst being trundled along those metal tray holder things in cafeterias. It makes me cringe and shudder. And this hatred of metal makes the dentist an exercise in self-control. What else? Random things on the a receipt or a piece of lint or a dryer sheet or you get the picture. I'm no neatnik, I can make piles until the cows come home but I just don't understand how people walk by random things on the floor and don't see them. People who "squat" over the toilet seat because of germs - when these are the people who make the toilets nasty by sprinkling effluvia all over the seat. I could go on but you probably don't want me to. Perhaps I should blog about it. :)

LL said...

I'd love to tell you all about them, but...

I can't think of one thing that really bugs me... other than the things that do...

JC said...

coffee slurping makes me homicidal., and i resurged my blog just this past week. go see me. :)

the only daughter said...

1. "No problem" in response to, "thank you."
2. Counter people trying to take your order before the previous customer is completely done.
3. And speaking of counter people, chit chatting across the counter, across registers about last night, last week, last . . whatever.

Just to name a few. And thank you for blogging. Still. :-)

Biff Spiffy said...

Ha! to Kenju (not that it's ever stopped me)!

You covered my big'un - mouth noises in general bug me. I've even called out my own grandmother for it.