Friday, October 25, 2013

Because, sometimes, sadness

Someone of great worth recently made a dreadful decision that can never be undone.  I've been pondering on it all week. My pain is slight compared with that of family and dear friends, so of course I can't pretend to feel what they do, but instead mourn the loss of someone who mattered and will be missed.  

So I wrote this.


Shrug off the burdensome world
That weighed so heavy
Slip off the yoke of worry
To rise, light, away
Say farewell to strangeness
And care, and desperation
Slide, nearly weightless
Into what's to come

Gone is trouble
As you are gone
The body heavy and still
As the soul sails on
Slipping fast toward forever
Your last moments sliding too quickly
Into memories and grief.
The great question of
‘What if’ can never be answered,
Even as ‘why?’ can never be
Fully known.

Be well on your journey home
Be favored in the vast beyond
Know that the hole you left
Is impossible to fill
The void of your absence
Fits you alone
Never to be another
A person-shape loss

One spirit-weight lighter.


Tiff out.


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful!

kenju said...

It IS beautiful, indeed. I hope you are proud of that one; I know I would be.

LL said...

Well done....

the only daughter said...

I'm sorry for the circumstances that prompted . . .


Warped Mind of Ron said...

Sorry for your loss and it's a lovely poem.

Anonymous said...

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