Friday, August 09, 2013

Random chunks

The last I wrote, we were anticipating Thing 1's maths placement test at the CC he will be attending for the next couple of years.  If he didn't do well, he's have to take remedial math (credits for which I don't think transfer to the 4-year programs).  Being as how math is not a strong suit for him, there was some range of possibilities about which classes he would be signing up for.

I am happy to report that there was no need to worry, he did great, and is therefore in college-level math.  And a history class, and a music class (some band thing or another, which is great), and some other things I've not yet had a chance to look at, as this all happened yesterday and it was a Dad day not a Mom day, because while it was supposed to have been a Mom day, Mom was home being sick nighe unto fractiousness and wasn't up to carting young men all over town.  Long story short, I have yet to look at the paperwork, but as he had an advisor helping pick the classes right after his test grade came in, I'm sure it's fine and he's going to start his post-graduate education off on the right foot.


What a big step this next one is.  I'd thought that I would have been more maudlin about it, weeping over baby pictures and the souvenirs of his childhood I've kept, wondering where the time went, but no, not really.  I am very excited for this next step!  It's thrilling to see the kids grow and mature and reach out to grab that next branch up the ol' tree of life.  We are lucky to have children who are able to do this, who are healthy and smart and sociable and so I celebrate this wonderful cocoon-shucking for him.  It had to happen sometime, and  think the next couple of years are going to be so very important for him.  When put against the backdrop of the previous 13 years of school, the constant nagging and talking and guiding and, let's face it, yelling, that we did to and with him about school, I can say that making it to this step is VERY exciting.  Now there's a goal - to get the next 2 years done and transfer to the 4-year college he wants to attend to get the BS degree.  A GOAL!  How energizing.

And it all starts next week.

Aside from the truncated summer, I don't think it's 'too soon' at all.


In other exciting news: we are having a Michigan visitor or 2 next weekend!

I hope they don't mind wearing their sunglasses inside, because there's no way this house would pass a white-glove inspection right now and so the sake of appearances they're going to need to obscure their vision somewhat.  Either that or I can maybe convince them to rub a little sunscreen in their eyes?

So much to be done, and that's just on the inside.  The sunglasses, I hope, will take care of most of the outside imperfections.

It will be a quick visit, and will likely take us a long to prepare for it as it will last, but that's what visitors are for, right?  To get you to clean up your shizz so they think you're perfect and have it together?  Well, at least the first time they visit.  Subsequent visits allow for more relaxed appearances, I think we can all agree.  Without that little social 'out,' I'd never have people over in the first place.  That 'first visit' kind of organization and deep cleaning  is kind of like the first drink you have at the Tiny House: I'll get your first one and ask if you want a glass with your beer and it will be perfect and so very much the right thing to do, but you are on your own after that because I can't be perfect twice in a row and thus have given up trying.

Bonus: now that Biff and I are both feeling well enough to DO some work around the house, It. Is. On.


Lots and lots happening around here - how's your world?

Tiff out.


kenju said...

My current world is overcast and they are promising rain for the next 3 days. Just what I wanted for a reunion, dontchaknow?

So glad to know you both feel better. Enjoy your Michigan company.

the only daughter said...

Glad ya'll are feeling better too. As well as glad that Thing 1 crossed one hurdle and is moving on the next ones.

It shall be fine.

My world is ...well, working my way to writing some about it.

LL said...


Good news is that it looks like I'll be done haying maybe in a week...