Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oh, my.

(Read this in a Scottish accent, please)

I just watched this thing and I loved it and so I wanted to post it to Facebook but I've posted there too much in the last hour and then I remembered I have a BLOG and so am posting it here because it's awesome and so why should a couple of hundred people read it over there when fully TENS of people can read it over here?


Here it is.

Watch all the way through for the twist.  Most excellent.


(Stop with the Scottish now, please)

Are the Scottish very polite people?  I do not know.  Perhaps they are.  I've not been there, and don't know any, and anyhow an N of 1 is a suck population to study, so I wouldn't know even if I did know one.

They must be polite though.  We hardly ever hear about them in the news n' all.

Therefore, I vote we all move to Scotland and proceed to make merry.  I'm sure they will enjoy that.


Spider season is upon us in NC again.  Why, just this evening I had to body-battle a quarter-sized garden spider for a patch of porch while I tried to finish my latest book, and it was BRUTAL.  Several swats with a garden shear didn't dissuade it, the bold beggar, and thus I had to flick it with IMPLEMENTS to get it off my dang porch.  IMPLEMENTS!

Which included a cat.

I'm sorry, Eric.  It was the only way.


 Eric is absorbent, and did not seem to mind.


And that is all.  I'm sure you have better stories to tell about what close calls and daring escapes you'd have recently.  Do tell if you like, but don't forget to do so in a Scottish accent.

Moge het beste dat je ooit zag
Het slechtste zijn dat je ooit ziet
Moge een muis nooit je haverkist verlaten
Zonder een traan in z'n oog
Moge je altijd sterk en gezond blijven
Tot je oud genoeg bent om te sterven
Moge je altijd zo gelukkig zijn
Als we je wensen altijd te zijn

Translation here.



kenju said...

I like that. I used to think I was Irish, but then I found out I am mostly Scots and English. I know nothing about the Scottish people except they wear kilts. Guess I should remedy that.

Spiders are seeking shelter in my house and I use implements too (I won't say what kind....lol)

LL said...

All the Scots I know are cantakerous, curmudgeonly, and parsimonious...

My kinda people!

the only daughter said...

How crazy cool is that DNA stuff. Wow...creepy, but uuber cool.

Scots are likely as friendly (or not) as the rest of us. ;)