Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's the 14th of March, you know.

And we all know what THAT means.

Yes we do, ALL of us.  Even that goofy kid with the funny shirt in the corner over there, and the cosplay chick with attention deficit problems, and whoever that is that just walked in the room and smells like pancakes.


Do you?


Yes, I'm talking about 'Pi Day.' Pi Day, and also 'Pie Day' as well!  Two things to celebrate on one day!  MADNESS!!!

 I know what you should do to properly celebrate! Combine the two to turn your life into a fun-filled festival of crazy wackadoodliness!  So out-there!  So inventive!  Cut that Pi(e) with a bat'leth to really get the insider vibe going!  Ooooh, maybe air a few grievances and eat a Cadbury Egg while staring in a mirror and humming 'Tubular Bells' to completely solidify the making of a new tradition.  Be sure to wear a false mustache while doing it, or it's not hipster and therefore good for nothing.

Or, if you're not into hipster so much, you are invited to do like Matilda of Ringelheim did, and sneak off in the middle of the night to pray.

Then start building a gigantic brick building to house abbesses, and get yourself sanctified.

That's MY plan, anyhow.  Hey, it worked for her, and she didn't even have the power of the internet at her fingertips!

Or, maybe I should just  hobn in der linker peye -  not give a hoot about (lit., to have in one’s left side lock; for more on this phrase, seeWeinreich) Pi/Pie day, and go buy stock in this company, then go check up on what this guy's been up to lately. 

Whatever you do to mark this day, be sure to do it randomly.  Because that's what Matilda would want, I'm sure.  Thus, by extension, that's what I want for you.  Randomness.  Much like this post.

Tiff out.


kenju said...

Ingenious weaving of that subject matter! I'll have pumpkin or pecan, please.

LL said...

Gooseberry for me...

Now, what if you've really got a moustache? If that won't do and I still need a fake one... I think I'm screwed...

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Can I get a Snozzberry pie please?

Jennifer said...

I love pie.

LL said...

Damn Tiffy...

This is one loooooong day... can I flip my calendar yet?