Friday, February 01, 2013

wherever there's a sunbeam...

Have I talked about cats lately?  I could you know.  We have 3 of them.  You'd think there's be something to say about them, but they're so danged lazy that really all that can be said is
  • 1 is fluffy and sheds like it's his job
  • 1 is semi-fluffy and scratches herself like it's her job
  • 1 is not at all fluffy and barfs regularly
They are not playful and full of antics, at all.  They are not particularly cuddly, either.  They demand food twice a day and give back nothing in return except a smidgen of cuteness and the need to go get another paper towel.

Clearly, we need more interesting pets.


All-important new bulletin, right here.


This post is apparently about domesticated animals, which reminds me that I used to want a monkey really really badly.  I am so glad I never got one.  They seem so creepy to me now, with their bony little fingers and staring eyes.  Plus which, they do not brush their teeth and don't appear to be potty-trainable.  Forget that they look adorable in lederhosen and can calculate the circumference of an irregular polyhedron knowing only the length of X-2 sides, they have stinky breath and poop where they want!  Too small an ROI, IMHO.

Hang on.  Forget what I said about needing more interesting pets.  I'll take cat barf over monkey poo any day.


Way back when I co-owned a couple of large snakes with a boyfriend - we had a ball python and a boa.  The boa was nice, the python couldn't be trusted.  Both were far stronger than they looked, and I was sad when they got stolen.  We kept them in the biology building in large cases we built, they were part of the life science 'museum' and the school kids loved them.  Then, right before graduation weekend, someone stole them.  We called all the local pet shops and other places that might be contacted about 'selling some pet snakes,' but nobody'd heard anything and a couple of weeks later the snakes were found, dead, in a sealed cooler out in a field someplace.  That was sad, and no way to end a Friday blog post, but it's all I got.

Except to ask - Have you had any unusual pets?  Spiders or sea monkeys or anything?  Do tell!

Tiff out.

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Tracy Lynn said...

Seamonkeys: yet another terrible disappointment brought to you by the back page of a comic book. See also: x ray spectacles.