Monday, February 04, 2013

Utterly astounding

I took this blog off the Networked Blogs feed a couple of weeks ago because I was tired of it auto-posting to FB that a new post was up.  Face it, most of the people who are 'friends' on FB aren't really into blog reading so much anymore, just like 99.5% of all people.  Those people might not appreciate why I still write the occasional post, might think I have some kind of 'agenda' or, more horrifyingly, might read here and get Deathly Bored and begin ruthless  mockery of whatever pathetic leavings I might drop here.

So, pretty much now you have to come here on purpose.  And then try to figure out if you want to leave a comment because I still haven't fixed the commenter-mabob.  Sorry about that one.  I should just migrate the template, I know.

What might this mean for NAY, then?  I don't know, but based on the number of times I've posted lately something needed to give, to break free and let something new rush in.  Writing for the 'masses' (all 200 or so FB 'friends') wasn't bringing in huge crowds, so why push everything out there?  If folks don't see that I've posted, then they'll have to care to come looking.  Just like in the good old days of RSS feeds and reading lists.


Health update: still sick.  Not debilitatingly so, but obviously so.  Sucks.


Had a guy come out and quote some tree work the other week.  His first quote was a thousand dollars more than the other guys, at first.  By the time he was writing up the quote, it was 900 dollars more.  Two days later I get a call from him saying the price had dropped another 400 bucks.

Pretty sure I'm going with the guy who is still cheaper and has a better online presence.  Oh, adulthood, the challenges you present!


Once the trees on the bedroom side of the house are gone, we'll have a spectacular view of the trash lot next door.  It's a vacant lot that isn't maintained.  I'm not sure that getting more sunshine in the bedrooms is a fair trade for the view, but the trees have to come down (too big, too near the house, too near the HVAC unit, blocking access to the backyard) and we might have to start thinking seriously about what to do about that lot.  We have talked with the neighbors a little bit about starting to maintain it so that it's not such an eyesore, and a couple of them agreed to do that with us, but I think we have to be the bandleaders in this instance and just how up with a BobCat one day and start mowing things down.  I've heard tell that if we maintain the property for 7 years we get the right of eminent domain on it and can claim ownership.

Sure would beat staring out at the mess that's there now.  How much do BobCats go for a day, anyhow?  I might just have to go look that up.

Tiff out.

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