Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This is progress?

Letter came in the mail not too long ago:

'Dear Customer,

Just a lil' FYI, but we, your mortgage servicer, are filing for bankruptcy, so we sold your loan servicing to another company and hope that's OK. Bye!'

Um, OK.  Guess there's not much I can do about it anyhow, right?  Send a sternly worded letter to Giant Corporation telling them how very disgruntled I am and they should not have done that without my permission?  Right.  That'd work. Not.

Then a letter from New Company comes along:

'Dear New Customer.

We are so excited to have you as a new customer!  It's going to be awesome!  Here's the address where you can mail your payment!  OK, Bye!'

Wait, MAIL?  I haven't mailed a mortgage payment in YEARS!  Not going to frelling mail a stupid payment what with the internets and all.  There MUST be an online option.  Let's look at the back of this letter, and ah HA, yes!  Customers who had been making 'at will' payments can register their accounts at BigNewCompany.com.  Woohoo!

*type type type*

*wait wait wait*

Blank screen.

Try another browser.

Blank screen.

Call company.

Wait 20 minutes on hold.

Kaitlyn (Kaytlyn? Caitlin?  Katelyn?) picks up the line "what can I help you with today?  Oh, right, the site's been down for 2 days now.  I understand you don't want to pay the 12 dollars we charge to do pay by phone.  But you'd have to pay 12 dollars to do an at will payment anyhow because we're not a bank.  If you wanted to make auto-draft payments then there's no fee.  Don't worry about late fees for the first 60 days as we make this transition.  OK, Bye!"

Did you get that?  I get to pay 12 extra dollars to use the internet to make a mortgage payment if I want to make that payment when I want to.  I pay no money if I let the mortgage servicer yank the money out when THEY want to.  So, if I want to decide when to pay they're 'not a bank' but when they say when my and my money part then there's no fee involved.

Curious, no?

Plus which - a company their size should have anticipated an enormous rush on their website from all the new subjectscustomers rolling in from FormerBigCompany and prepared a little better so that the site isn't down for 2 days.

All this reeks of cheapness and gouging, so I'm going to look into refinancing, TODAY.

But first I gotta mail a stupid check, like it's 1982 or something.


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