Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I got a red pot.

Biff and I celebrated Christmas today.  Tomorrow the Things come over and we'll celebrate with them.  Thursday we go to my Mom's house to celebrate with the whole family.  Christmas, it seems, will take nearly the whole 12 days this year.  I can live with that, as I think all this rush-rush and hurley-burley for just one day is too much stress and focus on consumerism, but that's another post entirely.

To slow down even more, this year we I decided that I wasn't going to open any holiday cards until Christmas day.  It seemed like it would be nice to be 'actively participating' in the festivities with those who sent cards on the day they were meant to be appreciated.  Plus which, it would give us something to DO for 30 or so minutes.  And it worked out, I think, inasmuch as each was read by both of us and sometimes commented upon (OK, outright mocked in one case) and sometimes ooh'ed over because some people are super-crafty and creative (TOD, wow!) and always appreciated because people don't HAVE to send cards anymore now that Al Gore invented the internet.  In previous years I've opened each card when they came, then hung them up in a prominent spot so the visual appeal was there, but nobody else really ever read them and soon they were nothing more than something to walk past on the way to get cookies.  So yeah, maybe a new tradition is born, we'll see.

Otherwise, we ate leftover Cap'n Crunch french toast for breakfast, put the angel on the tree, put Baby Jesus in the manger of our cheapo Walmart Nativity, opened gifts, tested out Biff's new toy at the airport, and ate sushi for Christmas lupper.  Super-duty low key day, which is likely to be a good thing given all the hustle and bustle coming up in the next few days.

And while I'd LOVE to be surrounded by family and friends on Christmas, sometimes it just doesn't work out that way.  Doesn't mean a good time can't be had by all those involved.

Whatever your celebrations, no matter how many or few of you were in attendance, may this Christmas and the upcoming New Year find you well, at peace, and absolutely SOAKED in the goodwill I'm sending out via super-secret mojo dance moves.  I'm better than Psy, baby.

Tiff out, in search of boubon cubes.  (NO, not this kind, though that now sounds like something I need to make. Think more like bourbon balls, only shaped like cubes.  Because why be normal?).

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