Friday, October 26, 2012

Some things I did not know

I am still impressed with this thing I do not know, nor ever expect to:  "An eigenvector of a square matrix is a non-zero vector that, when multiplied by the matrix, yields a vector that differs from the original at most by a multiplicative scalar."


collinear is spelled correctly


This happened. You really ought to click that link. REALLY OUGHT TO!


Also, we might be getting a hurricane/thunderstorm/gigantic ball of watery wind-y fury arriving sometime in the next few days.  Whee!!  Must go out and get soy sauce, mouthwash, and carrots.  You know, the ususal emergency list.


And, lastly, apparently, it's customary now for HS boys to ask HS girls to 'be their girlfriend,' without all that messy business of dating first.  Seems a very efficient way to establish...something?  IDK.  I had one experience like that in my life, and it was....odd.  None of this trying on of the 'dating persona,' just straight into girlfriendom.  Of course, I was young and very insecure then, and today's young women seem VERY secure, so maybe it works for them? 


That's it from the fireside, as I wait for the text that summons me back to the HS after a FB game to pick up Thing 1. OOPS!  There it is now!

Aaaaaaand, it said 'N is giving me and B a ride home.'  Friends with cars = Mom being totally uncool. 

Another thing I suspected, but did not want to know.

Tiff out.

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