Thursday, August 16, 2012

so far today

80000 nose blows
100235 sneezes
432 or so throat clearings.

Whatever it is, it's out there.


I am now talking like I'm sure Jackie  Stallone sounds - a combination of dust, shrieking, old age, and smoking that results in ta low throttling vibralto of no particular pitch.


My regular voice is nice.  Melodic, maybe. Throaty, yes. but not RASPY and PEBBLY and sounds like I'm gargling every consonant in a flurry of alphabetical hate.

Whoever you are that's making our boys sneeze and me rasp  like the last of the Skeksis?  KNOCK IT OFF. 

I can't tell stories in this state, and I'm chock full of them lately.  Terribly gravid with tales, I am.

Oh my. :)

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