Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's enough to make a lazy person weep

Today has been my favorite day ever.

Nothing spectacular happened, nothing major was done, nothing oppressive was shrugged, nevertheless.  Favorite day.

Might have something to do with finally getting out to the garden and ripping the freaking weeds out by their freaking roots, the satisfying snap of their discommunication with the ground a welcome punctuation to the horrible run-on sentence of their occupation in the backyard.  Truly, who needs a garden full of mystery vines when what one wanted were pepper plants?  NOBODY, that's who!

Who cares that I got bit by mosquitos a millionty times and might contract some kind of pig fever as a result?  NOBODY, that's who, and that's OK, because it only has to matter to me.  I had on a long-sleeved shirt and long pants, BTW.  I'm not totally stupid.  But still, bug spray would have been a good idea.

Other stuff that happened today that matters to nobody else but me:

  •  Bought some kind of 'updo pick' at the CVS while shopping for other supplies (see below) that is now my most favorite hair accessory ever.  I LOVE getting that hair off my neck AND not experiencing that 'one pulled hair' thing that barrettes inevitably provide.
  • I am a redhead again
  • the dishes got done
  • the kitchen floor was schwepped
  • the LR and boys' room was vacuumed
  • G and I went on a totally silly errand that could have been fixed with 5 minutes of online shopping, but which turned into me getting the earring 'swivels' I needed to repair a couple of doodads that lost their schwerve and needed to get it back for me to adorn myself once more with their pretty little selves. We did not, however, get the glass cutter we went out for.  Ohwell.

And here we are.  8 p.m., chillin' like a Sir, glad that today's been a vacation while still getting things done.

Come back tomorrow, today!  I could use many more like you.


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