Monday, June 04, 2012

simple sideways walking


Feet underneath, sky above.   Still in the right position for a Monday.

Still wishing I could fly, right here and now,
arms outstretched, back muscles ready to churn up a wind.

I might be aging, but I'm not old.
That bright lightness of youth is still in my back pocket,
a rub of it on my life right now is enough to get me up and dancing.

Suppose that what I stored up in youth is yet deployable,
a redolent whiff of energy playing to my stiff nostrils and arguing feet.

No matter.

I dance.

In mind,  heart, hips, feet, and fancy, I dance.

Life ain't got the best of me yet, and I haven't given it all I have to give.
Praise be, and swagger 'round the kitchen a while.


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