Saturday, June 09, 2012

now that you're nearly men

Because in a year Colin will be graduating from high school, I'm having some thoughts.  As follows:

Some things I'd like those kids I birthed to know:

1) I love you beyond anything, ever.  But of course you know this. My general effusiveness with the L word is evident and I LOVE that you love me back both in word and actions.  Be that person you choose to love.  Do NOT hold back.

2)  I celebrate each step you take toward a new independent life.  Each invitation you have to a social thing is an instant 'yes' from me; the time you spend with your friends is utterly invaluable for finding your way forward in a whole new set of roiling social possibilities.  College is looming.  Let who you chose to hang out with now determine who you feel comfortable hanging out with in the future.

3) Dave Matthews Band doesn't necessarily have to suck, like some kids think.  Neither does Nickleback.  Do NOT listen to the crowd.  If you like something, then like it because you do.  Example: I will not apologize for introducing you to Klaus Nomi, ever.

4) The world is your freaking oyster.  You do NOT have to be sure of what to do with it just yet, simply know that something great could be inside.

5) It couldn't hurt for you to know how to cook.  Many things.  I can teach you - just ask.

6) Exercise.  Make your body wonderful.  It will serve you well, now and in the near-term.  Then, when you're older (like me) you'll be grateful to have that store of strength to again build on.  Trust me on this one.

7) Whoever you fall in lifelong love with, be sure to know them WELL first.  Like, really well.  (corollary: know yourself well too.  do NOT let someone tell you how you feel, ever.)

8)  Be what you want to be.  You have to have a dream or desire.  Do that, and I will be with you, completely.  Thought it couldn't hurt to have a marketable skill to fall back on while you're writing that novel. I'm just saying.

9) See your worth. Know that you are valuable.  Embrace your skills.  Enhance your best parts.  Evaluate your worst parts.  Engage in the notion that your life is a process.

10) Then chill out. Be interested in the world.  Open up, let life in, and follow the path you know is right for you.  Nobody can ask or demand more.

I love you with every bit of me,

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