Friday, April 06, 2012

Some seasonal type things, I guess

For most of the week I've been aware that April 6th was coming up, and for a while I wondered 'why is this date important again?' and then it struck me: Today is my Dad's birthday.

Shameful that it didn't occur to me right away. I'm sorry, Dad, for not remembering sooner. You've been gone 20 years now and though you're never far from my thoughts it's becoming far too easy to let the 'dates' get by me.

So, Happy 80th (!) Birthday to the best Dad that ever was. Here is a cake with a bunny on it by way of celebration.

I love you.


Maybe it's that anniversary that caused the terrible dreams this morning, or maybe it was the fact that I woke up this morning at 5:30. Then at 6:15. Then at 7. Then in 6-minute increments as the snooze went off, until 7:30.

In those 6-minute increments came the dreams, swirling with odd characters, sick dogs, Chinese interior decorators, slamming garage doors, and a crowd of people who didn't give one little crap about why I didn't know what was going on and just wanted to go home, wherever that was.

By the time I hauled my carcass out of bed, I had a pounding headache and my face hurt.

And now, every time I swallow, my ears hurt. And my eyes feel like I've poured sunscreen into them. And the tonsils are starting to swell.

Just swell.


In the 'more moroseness' category, we have 'Things that aren't working properly at our house': the boys' computer (can't load Java update, any ideas?), their gaming monitor (3 months old, WTH?), and our teevee (doesn't recognize the cable box).

Also, I think our year-old dishwasher is about to die. It makes terrible noises and spazzes out early in the 'normal' cycle. Must call someone about that, I'm sure.

The handle on the shower temp selector is loosening in a rather alarming way.

The shower curtain rod needs to be tightened up (it's a touch floppy).

It's a grand honey-do list, but the handyman is out of town. This has made me realize just how much I depend on him for support, knowledge, and action to rectify so many minor issues around the house.

I would make a terrible military wife.


If it's not readily apparent by this time, today is a 'bad mood' day. It would be lovely to crawl back into bed (but that would give me a headache) and just not do anything at all, but that wouldn't accomplish anything so I showered, got dressed, and drove into work in time for my only meeting of the day.

Which was cancelled while I was en route.

Go figure.


So, hey. Not every day is sunshine and roses, but I woke up this morning, and set to being grateful for that and also for our house, health, family, and job. Because even when it seems everything is conspiring against me to swamp me in a perfect storm of ennui, there's always those things to be happy about. Perspective, babies.

Hey, Happy Easter if you celebrate it, and Happy Weekend if you don't. Candy goes on sale Monday!

Tiff out

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