Thursday, April 26, 2012

The children are screaming, all's right with the world

This is an actual thing. 
That someone is selling.
I find this amusing.

Yes, it has something to do with this post
We live next door to a preschool.  This preschool is small, only does half-day programs, and is populated with little people who just love to scream.  There's one kid who shouts a particular friend's name over and over and over, one kid who yells his favorite activity over and over and over in a bid to maybe someday get someone to 'be a train!' and a PASSEL of 'em who scream bloody murder when the train (actual train) goes by blaring its horn at the level crossing a couple of blocks away.

Because it's 'windows open' season, we can hear the little screamers ever so much more clearly than when it's 'heatin' season.'  They have amazing stamina, and a real penchant for high-volume communications.  Bonus - because it's nice out, the teachers let them stay out in the play area for a while longer than they do in less-clement weather.



And while I do sound like I'm grousing about them, it's really not so bad having a preschool next door.  The afternoons are quiet, the business keeps the buildings and grounds nicely kept, and on the weekends there are no noisy neighbors crashing around drunk or stupid and making life unbearable or peeping around in OUR backyard to see what we're doing, so that's nice.

Speaking of, we are once again in the 'no see 'em' category of backyards, in that the tress have all leafed out nicely and screened us from our backyard neighbors.  It's nice.  I can go out there in my PJs if I wanted to and very few people would even know.  Not having next-door neighbors, and having the green screen out back, give us a very lovely private space to hang out.  Now some of y'all with actual property (as in, more than our tine 0.2 acre) would laugh at what we call private, but I'm here to tell you that it's about as cozy and protected a spot as when the ex and I had many acres of property to roam around on.  It's just a matter of perspective - I don't get ruffled when I can HEAR someone anymore (used to HATE that on the Big Acres), as long as I can't see 'em and they not being horribly loud or obnoxious it's all good IMHO.

Which brings us back to those kids, I suppose.  I can hear them, but unless I leave my property I can't SEE them, so I still have my little cushion around me, protecting me from snoopers, miscreants, and the germy bodies of 4-year-old screamers.  :)


Also, is it just around these parts, or are the birds going absolutely nuts in the mornings where you live too?


Got to git.  There's a slew of messages pouring into my work email and I'd best go back to it (been online a while already this a.m.) and check out what's next on the list of things to do RIGHT NOW.

Tiff out.

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