Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This can't be happening

So it's been a while, since I've visited here. I've thought about coming back, cracked my knuckles a few times, poured myself a long 'thinking drink,' and promptly lost the urge to express.

It's not that there haven't been things to write about, because as you all know my high-wire act and penguin farm keep me entertained and in full stock of entertaining stories, it's just that, well, I haven't felt like it.

Shameful, really, when Izzy the Emperor 'guinny just learned how to water ski, and the triple-flip I just mastered on the slack line is a thing of beauty. So.Much.Happening.

And did I mention the goats, or the rampant fungal infection of the water supply?

What about the record contract we just signed for the family brass band+kazoo orchestra? That was a surprise, but should take off in Uzbekistan. They do love a good kazoo orchestra over there. We're pretty thrilled to get the deal, as none of us are even remotely Uzbekki, though Biff comes closest with his Romanian background. Who knows? Maybe God was feeling very jolly the day we were all created and said "Hey! A little Uzbek in that crew sure would-a liven things up a bit!" and thus here we are, kazoos in hand, bugles at the ready.

Yes, it's been busy, but that's no excuse for not writing. You lose so much of the immediate impact when everything's just lumped together in one monstrous post of awesome. I am sorry for that.

I'll try to do better,


Because I can't let LL post more than me.

Tiff out.

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