Monday, July 18, 2011

First things first

I have a friend who has written a book. You can buy that book. You don't even have to be her friend. Just be someone who has enough money to buy her book. See? It's simple.

This is her book:


I've heard it makes a great gift. :)

See Lisa? I DO read the copy.


Also, it's clear to me now that I am of an age where I need to tack on a couple of days AFTER a vacation to recover from vacation.

A week's worth of boating, floating, eating, drinking, singing ,playing, and general FROLIC wore me out so much that upon arrival back home on Saturday afternoon it was all I could do to get the car unpacked and then fall into bed...for a 3-hour snooze.

(Did anyone else just hear the theme song to Gilligan's Island? Just me? OK then, moving on)

Which I followed up with about 10 hours of sleep that night.

Who knew all that treading water and riding about in boats could be so dang exhausting? Well, me, because that's what happens EVERY year. Somehow, in the 12 intervening months, I forget. Old age has its benefits, I guess is what I'm saying...

Once thing I know for sure, and that I will never forget, is that as much I drive them nuts and as much as they make me wish for a padded room sometimes (I like the quiet!!), I love my family. A week is just not enough to spend with the people who know me best.

Even the noisy ones.


I hope you have been keeping well and that your parts of the world are blossoming with possibilities and the fruit of the money tree.

For now, still basking, Tiff out.

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