Saturday, July 30, 2011

'Chauffing' is too a word

Spent some time yesterday living the American dream, if, by 'American dream' you mean spending lots of time in the car driving people around.

It go like dis:

5:30 - drive Thing 2 to a movie party at his friend M's house. Drive home. 25 minute total round trip.

7:45 - drive Biff, who wasn't feeling well after the Papa John's dinner pizza feste, to his gig across town. Unload, drive home. 95-minute round trip. Am grateful to do this, because he was able to get a quick nap in and felt much better on arrival.

11:00 pm - pick up Thing 2 from party. 25-minute round trip.

2:20 am - get a text saying Biff is ready to go from the gig. Go get him, load up, drive home. 90-minute round trip and clear sailing - very nice driving at that time of day. Again, he naps for most of it, and I'm glad. He's not been sleeping much lately.

Home and in bed by 4.



At some point I did drift off, to dream of such oddness that it's clear my brain wasn't really allaway asleep, and by 9:45 I was starting to hope it was time to get up. And yet, with only fitful sleep I'm feeling pretty good and might almost be ready to accomplish something productive.

Who wants to be that by 4 I'll be back in bed? Anyone?

(Which reminds me of something - is "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" one of your favorites? We re-watched it the other night and I completely enjoyed it, 80's clothes and all. Also, bring back the 80's men's haircuts (at least the Bueller style). Love the close-cropped sides and neck and swingy upper bits. So rad.)

You know what? It's kind of sad that this is the sort of thing that merits a mention. Me driving places. My 25-year-old self would now like to kick my 49-year-old self' in the butt and tell me to go get a life. "Oooh, la," I'd say to myself, "you had to DRIVE places, how awful for you, you boring old hack! Whynt'cha go DO something and then write about it? Whyn'tcha use your imagination and LIVE life a little so we're not subject to the snoozefest that is your stupid boring LIFE, you boring old woman!"

To which I would reply "I WOULD do exciting things, but it's a million degrees out, doing things costs money, there are dishes in the sink and laundry on the bed. There are papers that need to be filed or shredded, pictures that need sorting and sending, floors that need cleaning, and, in general, appearances that need to be kept up with, you snotnosed free spirit! I've grown UP since I was you, and am doing all those things now that you always just asusmed you'd do when you were gorwn up, so HA! Here you are! No more wild nights partying down, no more crazy leather-pants-wearing, no more mosh pits, no more brazen flirting, no more all-night booze fests with friends in their beat-up log homes, no more of all of that because we've grown up and are doing GROWN UP THINGS NOW. Like fetching our strapping young teen son from a party, and fetching our strikingly handsome HUSBAND from his ROCK STAR GIG, so shut up, you! We are living something a little more exciting that a stupid boring life. It's a step UP from what you always wanted, here we are, let's make the most of it."

And the 25-year-old me goes "OK. You're right. I'm sorry. I do want to get married and have kids and own a house and feel loved and be a family some day. I'm just not ready to right now. I'm am having all the fun there is to be had. Someday, I'll become you. Is that OK?"

I the now- me says "Take all the time you want. Oh, and enjoy that figure while you have it, sweetie. Nothing lasts forever."

Tiff out.

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