Friday, June 03, 2011

Snips and snails and the whatnot

Firstly, because I am a lover of the astronomical sciences, though very much a dilettante in scope of knowledge, I present you with this:

Yes, it's 8 minutes long. Believe me, you do, honestly, have 8 minutes somewhere in your day to turn on the speakers and marvel. Get the whole family in on the game! They can get as motion sick as you do! See who can last the longest without needing a peppermint!

And don't forget to MARVEL.


Secondly, a vignette. I just returned from a trip to the fabulous Youngsville Food Lion, which I rather like as it's new and a good size and still has the Food Lion prices (CHEAP!).

But that is not blogworthy.

What is notable though, and I'll get to it eventually, is what was said to me in the store. Setup: there was a couple also at the store, a Mom and her daughter, actually. Mom was a white-ponytailed lady of indeterminate age, daughter was a gray-haired, overall-wearing, semitoothless woman, also of indeterminate age. As often happens, we three perambulated the aisles mostly together. It was clear that daughter was sort of 'dependent' on Mom. Not terribly so, but the vibe was there.

At one point, I slipped in behind daughter to go down the chips aisle while Mom was still examining deals on Cheetos at the endcap. Daughter turned around suddenly, thinking I was her Mom, and said 'Oh! You're not Mommy. I was expecting her.'

I felt sad for a moment, and just as I was about to try to help her, she said: 'I wouldn't like to think I'm nearly old enough to have a daughter as old as you.'


Thanks, shiny shirt-wearin' shorty overall-sportin', gray crewcut-havin' toothless wonder of Franklin County - you totally just harshed my buzz.

Go find your own mom.


Tonight it's pizza night, as it should be. It's also 'lay around and be lazy night,' which is also as it should be. I love Friday nights. Best night of the week, because Saturday mornings at the Tiny House usually mean a whole lot of nothing is going on. Me and the nothing are tight. If left to my own devices, I will hang out with nothing a lot. Nothing is as easygoing as Nothing.

Tomorrow, however, promises to see my weekly date with Nothing cancelled, as we will be 1) picking up the pottery we painted last week (a hike down Six Forks road, so round-tip will be at least 90 mins), 2) taking Thing 2 to a pool party in the afternoon (yet another chauffeuring opportunity! joy!), 3) going to a Bela Fleck and the Flecktones concert tomorrow night at the Art Museum, which is way the heck on the other side of Raleigh but thankfully starts at 8 (be there by 7!). Thankfully, the actual rush-around time is minimal, but the day is full. With that kind of schedule, it's clear my weekly date with Nothing will have to be cancelled. Oy, my life. Such hardship.


Also - Yahoo, could you please put someone on the job updating the comics page? It's been since TUESDAY since I've seen a new chuckle-worthy strip! Unacceptable! I so totally need to know what Seth and Fernanda are doing in 9 Chickweed Lane, and the hijinks Dilbert and the gang are up to! Not to mention Frazz, For Better or for Worse, and Get Fuzzy. Without that 5-minute humor update in the morning, the day just doesn't get going properly.

So, get snappy. FIX ME UP.


I hope y'all have an enjoyable weekend, with plenty of time for nothing and lots of time to do what you want to when Nothing isn't an option.

Tiff out.

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