Friday, June 10, 2011

Please, let it be 5 p.m.

Day dragging. Not enough amusement on the interwebs, and too much work to do to enjoy loafing, even if there was something of interest.


Reformatting stinketh, thou and thine can believe that. Thus it is said, thus it is (re)written. My own fault for having to DO it, as the project I'm reformatting to meet the new specs of the publishing software was supposed to be done over a year ago, when the new specs were not in force, so in addition to the general PITA factor that comes with a wholesale reformat of a 100+ page document is the butt-kicking I'm delivering to myself for being in this position to begin with. Good thing I'm a reasonably flexible gal, as self-administered butt-kickings require a certain amount of bendiness.


Sometime I wonder what it would be like to have nice legs. Mine are not. I have bulgy thighs, fat knees, cankles, and chubby feet. When I see ladies with gorgeous legs, I am envious. Cute little ankles, feet that fit into strappy sandals, actual visible kneecaps! What luck to be them!

As I get older though, it's nice to know that nobody really expects me to have good legs anymore. Age does have its benefits. Combine that lack of expectation with some high-quality supportive undergarments, and I expect to get a few more decent years out of this old body.

As long as its mostly covered up.


I hope you are planning something fun for the weekend. Me, I'm mostly going to be doing practical things ahead of our trip North next week, and napping.

Amuse me with your 'to-do' list in the comments if you have the time and inclination - I'm hoping at least ONE of you will mention something about emus. It's time for a good emu story, I think.

Tiff out.

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