Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Its'a new post! 'Oooray!

Partied like big dawgs Saturday night at the Bela Fleck concert. Our seats were so good!


The basic math behind out limited seats choice is as follows: General admission + arriving 45 minutes after the gate opens = big wall of SUCK for seating. My view, out there on the vast swathe of grassland that is the 'open-air' seating, was of a garbage can. GLAMOUR! Seriously, that was the best we could get, being unfamiliar with the arrangement of the place and where to snag a good view (hint - on the mulch mound surrounding a tree is good. It's all about the elevation).

HOWEVER, one does not go to a Bela Fleck concert to see the awesome pyrotechnics or the back-up dancers, so the occasional 'stand up and gawk' plan worked fine for viewing opportunities. The rest of the time we just listened, and relaxed. The lawn has its benefits, and the stretching out is one of them. Who wants to be stuck on the concrete risers that are the expensive seats when one can (arrive early), pick a good spot, and LAY DOWN? Nobody, would be my answer.

Thing 1 embraced the lying down, and the star gazing. And the wandering around. I think the last one was his favorite.

Thing 2 was more concerned about the picnic basket, and what might be next in its capacious depths. Also, some walking around. He's only just 14 - large crowds don't hold the thrill that they do for an almost-16-year-old. Thing 2'd rather hang out, snack, and chill.

Biff spent the latter part of the show hanging out in the crowd as well, standing up and getting his gawk on at Victor Wooten, one of his small gods. I have to say, as bass players go, the dude can bring it. I can't appreciate him as much as Biff can, but even I, as uneducated in Things Bass as I am, can tell that he's got magic in his fingers. That, or he's got 8 fingers on each hand and is a freak of nature.

Either way, it was fun to listen to.


Thing 1 is out of school for the summer. He is 15, and has no plans.

I don't remember what that was like, though I would like to.

He should enjoy this last summer of total freedom, as the Time of Pure FOlly is rapidly coming ot a close for the boy. I've made him promise me that starting next school year he will join Key Club at school, which, if they're any good, will, along with band and TKD, keep him hopping busy for the year. Next summer it's JOB TIME, so this is the last of the endless summers.

So, I'm buying them each a season pass to the town pool, and will encourage them to spend a fair amount of time 'wandering' the neighborhood. As teenage boys of unusual size, they should be fine walking downtown for hotdogs at Shorty's or taking themselves to the pool or meandering to friends' houses.

Yep - time for him, in particular, to grow up a little more, is what I'm thinking, while the mother I was 10 years ago is hollering in anguish that he's already too grown up and DON'T LET HIM GO!

But I have to. They need to flex them wings a little, before their butts grow into those gaming seats in their room. I swear, if I didn't MAKE them stand up from time to time the only reason they'd get up and walk is when they have to pee.

And even then I'm not so sure they wouldn't find a new use for milk jugs.


Well, it's off to the store for me. We're running low on wine, speaking of milk jugs...

I hope y'all are thriving where you're planted, and that each little hair on your adorable heads is a shiny indicator of a healthy digestive tract.

Tiff out.

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