Saturday, May 28, 2011


After yesterday's sog-fest of an afternoon (, today is bright and shiny and ready for anything. So, in honor of the promise, it has been deemed that today is date day!

OK, that's how I'M thinking of it. Haven't cleared the moniker with the Mister yet.

First, coffee. Then, he zips around in an airplane while I do my walkies. There's a perfect 3-mile loop that takes me a little under an hour to do, so by the time he's down I'm sitting pretty out front of the terminal, cooling off.

Then, after getting prettied up, we're off to make good on a couple of Groupon/Living Social deals. First, we're doing some pottery painting at Bisque Art in Raleigh (20 bucks off! Sweet!), then we're taking a factory/tasting tour at Roth Brewery. Check out the deal I got on the brewery thing - it was 19 bucks for the tour, a pint free, the pint GLASS, and a deposit on a growler (and I think that's it). If we could somehow work in a baseball game, it would be the perfect day.

Oh! And I got tickets to see Bela Fleck and the Flecktones next week at the NC Art Museum! Art musuem? Yep - they have a huge outdoor theater there, some under canopy and some general admission lawn seating. At 22 bucks a tickets you can bet I went with the lawn seating. Should have bought the Groupon for a museum membership last fall when it was offered - I bet I would have saved a bundle on those tix.

So, that's my day. I hope yours is a satisfying as a warm doughnut or a 2-hour nap.

Tiff out.

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