Friday, April 15, 2011

second verse, same as the first

It's a windows-open kind of evening here at the Tiny House. Doors open as well, which the pets love because then they can come and go as they please. Thus far this year the great outdoors is reasonably insect pest free, so having the back door flung open isn't such a liability as it would be, oh, 2 weeks from now when I expect the mosquito population will increase logarithmically over a period of just days, making it impossible to enjoy spending time outside without generous applications of insecticidal poisons on the ol' dermis, and maybe not even then.

For now, I'll take when we're given, weather wise. These are the days it pays to live in the NC piedmont. There are , like, 4 of them a year. Nothing to do but bask 'em up!


We are in receipt of a brand-new custom-made kitchen table here at the TH. Y'all? I am officially a grownup. CUSTOM FURNITURE? Get the frack outta here!

It does help that a friend is a furniture maker, and that he needed an infusion of cash, quick. Having connections is a goooood thing where custom furniture-making is concerned, I've discovered. We asked him to make us a Mission-style table with 2 leaves, in a nice bourbon-colored finish, and he went nuts, creating a thing of beauty. The grain on the top alone is like rivers of lush chocolate coursing over a landscape of rich dark leather. GORGEOUS!!!

I probably should take pictures, but in the 3 days it's been here it's already been covered up with a tablecloth and heaped up with crap. That's sort of sinful, but the tablecloth is serving to keep the top as pristine as possible, and the piles of stuff simply can't be helped. It's a table, and even a work of art like this has a purpose. Which is to heap things on, clearly.

So, for those of you keeping score for The Great Kitchen Remodel, all's we have to do now (and by 'we' you know I mean Biff) is to trim the place out and fix up a few paint oopsies (which, OK, I can do), and we're DONE! Oh wait, and put the shee-shee back on the walls - I think people call that 'decorating' (which I need to do and quit being lazy). But then! Done!

Oh wait again. We still have to make the stained-glass inserts for the buffet cabinets.


Anybody got a spare 3 or 12 hours to come over and help us get done? I'll let you look at our new table iff'n ya do.


Speaking of getting things done - my Mom's coming down next Friday for Easter weekend.

I started cleaning today.



One last thing. Saw a flatbed truck yesterday taking a car someplace. I think probably to the body shop, as the passenger side of this car was riddled with BULLET HOLES. What in the corn-fried Hades happened there, do you think?

And what, might you surmise, does the inside smell like? I can't imagine there'd be much sphincter control happening while being shot at. Probably not going to get much for it at the auto auction.


With that, I'm out. There's pizza dough to make! Peace!

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