Monday, April 25, 2011

Losing Power

You don't want to hear about my dinner, do you?

Or how I thought I was getting sick today because it felt like someone was jabbing a super-sharp pencil into my left ear.

Or how, when I breathed in through my nose, the resulting sinus sear was enough to bring a strong woman to her knees in pain, even stronger than being left by the Only Man She'll Ever Love or 'The One That Got Away.' When a deep breath makes you cringe, it's highly likely that you'd rather be dumped by Mr Perfect than take even one more breath.

Welcome to my Monday.

Topped off with swollen glandules and a dab of a fever, I was rocking the walking dead thing for about an hour.

And then, about 30 minutes after the first bourbon, it all cleared up.

Good medicine. Gooooood.


And so here is a picture of the Easter eggs we made Saturday.

Happy Monday. Let's keep fingers crossed the Tuesday is twice as good for half the price.

I'mma go for one more dose of medicine before falling into bed with a hot water bottle and a copy of whatever Terry Pratchett book tickles me.

Yep, I'm one hand-sign away from rock stardom. Tiff out.

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