Wednesday, April 13, 2011

breaking up is hard to do

Recently I've been cooking for two.

NOT EATING FOR TWO, cooking for two. Two families, once a week. One of those families is mine, one is a family that is busy helping one of their own recover from major surgery.

I volunteered to provide one meal a week for them, and have done for 3 weeks straight.

Yesterday, that family broke up with me.

The 'thanks so much for all you've done but a bunch of other people have signed up to help us out now and you've been great' message came and I have to admit I felt a little....dumped, being as how I'd told the family in question I was planning on cooking for them once a week through April and they said 'OK that sounds great - you're great!' and now? Rug Pulled. Out.

I know they're releasing me from a burden.

I know they're thinking of me and being kind.

However, I can't help but feel like the loser weirdo kid who was fun while everyone else was on summer vacation but now it's back to school and because the cool kids are back I don't get as much as a handwave in the hallway.

Wouldn't you?


Bonus - we ate their chili tonight for dinner. Heh.


I'm on a mission to kill all the weeds in the front yard. This is bg news, as there are mostly weeds in the front yard. However, I figure 20 minutes a day with e spade and determination will oust the unwelcome guest from the lawn of dichondra we're hoping to establish, and in a few years I won't have to do much except dab at the rogues bits of weed with Roundup and go recover on the porch with a nice double shot of Maker's Mark.

It's a good thing we live in a second-rate neighborhood. That big ol' pile I of weeds uprooted tonight can sit in the middle of the 'lawn' until next 'clippin's day' and we won't suffer much for it at the tongues of those who live near us. Here's to neighbors with worse yards than mine and those folks on the corner with a backyard full of scattered crap.

We look positively regal by comparison.

Tiff out.

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