Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Four years ago 27 April fell on a Friday.

So I wrote this. Not because it was the 27th, but because it was a Friday, and I used to mock news headlines on Fridays. That was pretty fun. I should maybe do that again sometime.


Five years ago 27 April fell on a Thursday, and I wrote this. Some things, like my ability to whine, do not change much from year to year it appears.


In other news, NAY has been around for more than 5 years. Dang.

This is post 1289.

In the beginning I wrote almost every day, the words poured forth as though from a mountain spring, fresh and crisp. Ideas overflowed, spilling over with exuberance and glee, and sometimes with insight or humor. In this blog there are stories and fiction and poetry and stupidity and cussing and complaining, it is a mirror of what is going on in my life or what interests me or what I made for dinner last night.

There are many who say the personal blog is dead, and to that I reply "up yours, hater." Even though many people who used to write don't write anymore, or write so infrequently that a new post by them becomes something truly special, there are still personal bloggers out there who do as I do and just....write. No purpose other than to capture something of this world and the time I'm having in it, for no other reason than to get it down before it's forgotten and gone.

And even if the post happens to be about other posts and how I feel about writing them, then that's OK too because that is, in fact, what's on my mind.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to the Corporate Bonding Session that's happening right now, and which, as it turns out, is kind of fun.

Shhhh, don't let anyone know I said that!

Tiff out.

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