Monday, March 28, 2011

whiny mcwhinterson here.

Dang, y'all. Today has been a butt-kicker. Guess that's what waking up with a splitting headache, nauseous tummy, and runny eyeballs will do for a person. Normally I try to be stoic about such things and stiff-upper-lip stuff as much as possible, but this most recently-acquired crud was so vomitocious that I couldn't even take the one semi-well kid to school this morning. Thank goodness the Biffster hadn't left for work yet and could take the boy while I shuffled around trying not to urp in inappropriate places and to keep the snot production well dammed with 'facial tissues.'

Due to the advent of ick, so far today I've accomplished the following: a 3-hour nap, quaffage of 2 liters of water, a quick shower, the making and eating of 1 PB sammlich (with banana and raisins!), and a bit of light cleaning before the dudes from the furniture store showed up with our gorgeous new kitchen chairs that are probably made of platinum because that's how much money they cost, approximately. All that activity flat-out exhausted me, and thus I am on the couch again, not even ashamed that my butt is starting to go numb because the rest of me still needs to sit, dang it, and I might just go ahead and take another nap here soon.

Ah well, that's in the past. Now I'm just waiting for the next burst of energy to see if it's possible to finish making the pea soup I started last night.


What's most weird is I didn't feel ANY of this coming on last night. Felt great, as a matter of fact. Thing 2 had a headache and a little throat thing in the evening, and took himself a couch nap for a while, but I thought it was just allergies.

Well, if allergies are contagious, that's what kept Thing 1 and me home today.

Here's hoping we're the last to get it. While it's seemingly a fast-moving bug, it's not fun to live through those first 8 hours. It's been a long time since I wished I could just barf and get it over with; this morning saw the reincarnation of that sentiment.

And I hate barfing.

Well - I think I feel that burst coming along, so here's to good health for all of you and a basket of fluffy bunnies too if you want 'em - Tiff out.

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