Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well, I don't know, IS my blog public with feeds enabled?

A cupla quick things here today, in no particular order:

1) Jeff Kay, of the fabulous and romantic (only one of those is really true) West Virginia Surf Report has made his new comic novel, Crossroads Road, available for sale on Kindle or Nook. Even though the book was only released, like, 6 hours ago, some people have already FINISHED the dang thing and posted reviews. Who has TIME for that? Only the very fortunate, I would submit.

Better than the advent of a humorous novel by a very funny guy on instantly available media is the fact that it's priced at just $3.99, a bargain for sure. Who can resist that?

Well, actually, I can, as I do not have a KindleNook or other eReading device, and so will have to wait until the HC version is available. Sometimes being a Luddite means not getting to play with the cool kids, or read their books first out of the gate. There's nobody to blame but myself for this most unsatisfying turn of events.

But hey - don't let me be the example you live by - go show the man some love (like he needs me to shill for him, because he doesn't), and order ye up a debut comic novel by a man who deserves your dollars and guffaws. If you read it, please don't give away the ending, mmk?

2) Thing 1 is starting to get slews and slews of college junk mail. And also the random invitation to go to Boys State.

When I was in HS, getting nominated to go to Boys State was kind of a big deal, but Thing 1 seems utterly nonplussed. How do I get him to see that being nominated for stuff like this is an honor and also could be a pathway to bigger and better things? He's so freaking laid-back about this whole 'future' thing, and doesn't seem to understand that grabbing a hold of opportunities like this are once in a lifetime and could change your life if only for the experience of having them.

OK, I know Boys State is run by the American Legion and was originally a reaction to the 'socialist' Pioneer Camp and so some might scoff at its possibly shaded purpose, but who's ever heard of Pioneer Camp anymore? Nobody, that's who, but folks know about Boys State and if you say you went there might just be some doors open for you.

My fear is that unless those doors open to a glorious computer-filled room chock full to the brim of the coolest new games, that he's just not going to be interested.

So, somehow, I need to MAKE him interested, or simply force him to apply/go/whatnot.

Because really. I skipped way too many of these opportunities in my youth, and now I could totally kick the teenaged me's ass for doing so. There are very few times in your life you're invited to lead...each time you should grab that chance and hold on tight, right?

Sometimes this Mom thing is a tricky business to navigate.

3) Biff is away for the next couple of days, and the Things are with their Dad. This is obviously a good time for me to be productive, start an exercise program, organize the paperwork, and generally conquer the Earth.


Who wants to bet that instead the evening is spent surfing too much web, playing too much Bejeweled, chastising myself for being lazy, experiencing a burst of productivity at around 10, then falling into bed feeling slightly guilty at having wasted a fair chunk of otherwise good time?


Fine. I'll go put on my walking shoes.

But I don't have to like it.

Tiff out.

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